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(20) twenty Lorain Rectifiers. For sale. Model RHM800E50 Spec. No. 548502500 DC Output:Volts/Amps: -48/800 AC Input 480 Volts/Frequency: 60Hz Amps: 62.2 Efficiency 92.9% Heat Dist. (Btu/hr) 11,666 Protection: Inputs**/Outputs 100A/1000A (10) ten Power Systems. Pwr. Sys. TRD 1231H1 48V. 6-16 400AMP Telco disconnects. Highrise Builder has 4-20 400AMP Telco disconnects. for a total of 66,800 AMP of distribution. All (10) cabinets are fully metered all connections and cable ties. spare parts. (15) Kit. Bus Ext 4 Rect 082 (15) OVHD Bus Arrang Assy 082 (12) Boltswitch 1200 WLDC 269ST 2 Pole. Each one is rated at 1200AMP.