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Alcatel 1100 TPX switch wanted. 1261037a Eastern Research DACS, E1 Refurbished wanted. 126102p Nuera F200ip two units or more. E1 and/or Analog (AVFAX) Boards. WANTED. 126359P Voicemaster wanted. 1251220p 11301142p Cisco 3745 wanted. 123440p 5-9m Antenna wanted. 1221144a Nortel RD6C 3xDS3. needed. 11291021p Alcatel MDR-4106 wanted. 1261221p I am looking for ITFS. 11291125p Telular SX4E units wanted. 1130657a Nuera F200IPs needed. 123455p We are looking for a Codan Ku Band 16 Watts SSPA or complete transceiver. 11291151p I’m looking for a 180 to 230 feet self-supporting tower mast. 1130926a Andrew (2) Andrew HP8-59E-8 and (1) Andrew HP4-180F-8 microwave antennas. Alcatel MDR-4106U. Microwave Radio. wanted. 126125p Qunitum A800s wanted. 1130619a Cisco PGW2200 needed. London/UK or Sofia/Bulgaria. 1211011a SELL IT, BUY IT, FIND IT. WE WILL CREATE YOUR FREE TELECOM CLASSIFIED AD. REACH OVER 20,000 TELECOM & NETWORK PROS. To respond or submit FREE ad, email See 1000s of Ads at To Search This Page, Press Control + F Keys. Type Item in Search Box. All Equipment Transactions Protected by Escrow-Guard Editor not responsible for content. Chamber of Commerce member since 1967. Complying with 2003 CAN-SPAM ACT & relevant regulations. To subscribe to FREE Telecom Classified Ads, click on this link; ; Address is never shared. To unsubscribe click on this link; . All removal requests are honored. Marketing and Consulting Services Available. Buyers and sellers wait for your offer. Telecom Classified Ads & and Free Telecom Ads are registered trademarks. Copyright; Fivenson Inc. Fivenson Inc does not warrant the accuracy of listings. Listings are from private sellers as well as resellers, worldwide. Ph 231-946-2195, Fx 419-818-0129, Cisco 7200 Module PA-A3-8T1-IMA needed. 1129726p Quintum Call relay system wanted. 122917p Voicemaster wanted. 123513p Quintum. 8 pieces of perfectly in condition quintum A 800 or 5 pieces of A 2400 wanted. 122809p 44WW28A needed. 121218pc Nortel Rectifier Complete Telco power system wanted. 125806ac Lynx DS-3 Radios, Western Multiplex radios wanted. 11301243ac Nokia 900 Talk family wanted. 121531ac Lucent / Ascend Max6000 E-1 wanted. Must be E1 version.. any quantity 121509pc ADC fiber equipment. LXs and MAPs wanted. 125834pc NEED LUCENT TN1873 TN1891 TN1863 TN1719A 44WW28A 44WW28B 44WR8 44WW13C 44WA32B TN335E CISCO 15454-TCC+ 15454-OC48IR1550 15454-OC48LR1550 15454-XCVT 15454-OC192 NORTEL NTGS63AA NTGS63BA NTLX81AA NTLXxxxx 1130507pc Lucent IDCU shelves (J5D003FL-1) empty or configured with ards. 1130909ac GSM Testers- Agilent Needed. E5515 A/B/C – 8960 2 Nos. 8922M + 83220E 2Nos 121111ac NTEU15AA wanted. 122956ac Alcatel 3AL00114AB needed. 123453pc Mickey, I have for sale 2x used Cisco POC48E/POS-SR-SC cards. 1130907ac PA-MCX-8TE1-M needed for 4K ea or less.