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TODAY OFFERS; FFP2 3ply masks. 300K. Disposable FOB MIAMI 0418202339

3PLY on the floor Mentrex escrow 0419200126 COVID19 ISOLATION TENTS 0419200017

Disinfection Fluid Europe 0419200933 N95 FDA China 0419200918


hand sanitizers / Antibacterial Hand Gel 0419200725  Mask shipment 0419201048

Covd 19 Quick Test Coron Virus Tester New Coronvirus Detection Reagents Covanas Inspection Kits0419201339

CGO or CAN-WAW 0419201100 All Guard Antibacterial Mask from S.Korea 0419200802

Thermal Fogger System 0419200121 Ventilators 0419200653

Philips Made in USA ventilators  0419201534 L100 0419200414

3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 400K. FOB Los Angeles.FDA & CE certificate 0418201347

Disposable Protective Coverall with Hood for Men/Women. 5000pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0418202326

                                                                                   Clean Pro Space 0419200108

Looking for aircraft to carry 10,000 sheep from Romania to Kuwait.  0419200811

Various charters 0419291239 Enquiry are looking for a GSA 0419201043

LAND ROVER DEFENDER WORKS V8* *70TH EDITION* *LIMITED 1 OF 150 CARS WORLDWIDE 0419200725 Cars for a new adventure 0419200357

Hand sanitizer Holland Europe 0418201238 Protective Facial Shield SPAIN Europe 0418201236

3ply with Certs – available NOW Europe 0418201220 Hand sanitizer France Europe 0418201220

Wipes Effective Against Coronavirus Europe 0418201217 Hand Sanitizer 100ml UK Europe 0418201217

Gloves Stock in Belgium Europe 0418201213 KN95/FFP2 MASK CE CERTIFICATE AND FDA HONG KONG 0418201210

CLEAN PRO SPACE Europe 0418201209 NITRILE GLOVES – SPAIN Europe 0418201202

ARMS AMD HEAD COVERS SWITZERLAND Europe 0418201157 500ml Sanitizer Gel Europe 0418201156

Face masks Lithuania Europe 0418201156 NITRILE GLOVES 2 MILIONS ON THE FLOOR READY Europe 0418201153

INQUISOL BAC Europe 0418201147 Phillips s Respironics BiPAP AVAPS non-invasive ventilators China FDA, CE, 510K, NMPA approved!!! 0418201132

Disposable FFP2 3ply masks. 624000pcs. FOB MIAMI  MOQ 1Pallet(48K).This masks are not surgical nor medical grade. 0418201032

High end thermometers with FDA and CE 0418201011 SafeShield 3ply Sto k Canada 0418200939 High flow oxygen therapy machine China 0418200938

  Crematory 0418200826                                                        Cargo aircaft  available 0418200935 Cargo aircaft needed 0418200836 RFQ  ACMI  A300F  Mandate Template doc.pdf 0418200818

SATURDAY OFFERS YT30 Non-invasive Ventilator. 0418200710 ICU Ventilators 0418200701 HF-8210 Non-invasive Ventilator from Turkey. 0418200658 ACM812A ventilator 0418200316 KN95 MASKS FFP3 STARDARD 0418200255  reinforced body bags 0418200238 Hydroxychloroquine sulphate CAS 747-36-4 0418200217 Sysco Food Service Grade Powder Free Non-Sterile Latex & Vinyl Glove. FOB Miami. 0418200035 3 Ply Face Mask. 400K. FOB Los Angeles.  0417202316 3 Ply Dispsable Medical (Non-Sterile)l Face Mask. 500K. FOB Los Angeles. 0418202316 KN 95 FACE MASK. 23200pcs, FOB LOS ANGELES  0417202304 2ply Toilet paper 425sheets. 57600rolls.  041720 2ply Toilet paper 425sheets. 57600rolls.  0417202258 KN 95 Protective Face Mask. 50K. FOB Los Angeles  Reduced price. 0417202254  Disposable 3ply masks. 600000pcs FOB MIAMI. This masks are not surgical nor medical grade. 0417202249 Non- Sterile Latex Powder Free Disposal Glove. 4000000Gloves. FOB Los Angeles  0417202248                                                                    B747F Full charter Available slot on April 22-23 for China-EU route. 0418200741Capstone C65 Turbines for Sale 0418200716 29 units x 2020 Range Rover SDV6 Vogue SWB 275HP – Stock cars 0418200223

FRIDAY OFFERS.  Coverall Enviroguard Tychem 2000 Yellow 0417201208 Sysco High Performance Black Nitrile Gloves. 270K. FOB Miami. Not for medical use. 0417201119 Black Nitrile Gloves Available! 0417201108 Face Masks Available! 0417201056 Repatriation Flights 0417201032 Masks against coronavirus 0417201027 3Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask. 710900pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0417201020 Nitrile Medical Gloves w/ Pictures 0417201001 N95 0417200902 Coveralls 0417200844 N95 NIOSH CDC APPROVED 0417200204  3 PLY CHILDREN FACE MASKS OFFER Europe 0417200144  KN95 FFP2 mask UK Europe 0417200126 Reusable fabric mask washable Europe 0417200117 Children and adults mouth protection masks – Made in Germany Europe 0417200109   KN 95 Face Mask USA 0417200105             HAND GEL- ITALY 0417200105 Bersih 16.9oz 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. 34,200units. FOB ,Texas 0417200052 Medical Masks and Medical Gowns Available! 0417200043 3Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask 310K. FOB Los Angeles 0417200025 3 Ply Face Mask. 20K. FOB Los Angeles. 0417200018 KN 95 FACE MASK. 20000pcs. FOB Los Angeles  FDA &CE Certificate 0417200009 KN 95 FACE MASK. 150K. FOB LOS ANGELES  0416202327 KN 95 FDA 0416202320                                                                                  freighter for acmi 0417200343

Thursday  offers;

3M new offer. Replaces earlier 3M offers. 3M N95 1860 masks @ $3.98, for sale in the USA and Canada. N.B :  in USA restrictions may apply. ICPO, on buyer letterhead, made out to me, must include who or what is the end user. POF required. 3M N95 8210  $5.47 ea. Add your fee. Current pricing, can be sent anywhere in the world. 10,000,000 MOQ .  If you sent an ICPO in last week or so please resend as per above with today’s date. Procedure escrow.  Currently KN95 Masks from China (3M look alike). We have inventory in the USA, 3.79 CIF. Add your fee. Pricing subject to change until you receive written quote. We now offer our own escrow lawyer in NY. Licensed escrow account.  Fee amount $1 Million or less $1,000.   0415201229

FFP2 KN95 Europe  0416201238 FFP2 KN95 Masks China 0415200230  KN95 20000 pcs. USA 0416201248 KN95-Medical Protective Mask USA 0416201231 AAMI Level 2 Medical Gown. 3M. FOB Texas  0416200942 500,000 3 ply ultrasound masks per day 00946  Face Masks and Gloves Available! 0416201103 3Ply Protective Face Mask 100k FOB Los Angeles  0416200946  250k 3Ply Disposable face mask  in Germany 0414201017  3 PLY Masks 0414201035  We Have Bathroom Tissue Loads! 0414201044 Mobile DR machines fighting against COVID-19 0416201253  AX 400 ICU VENTILATOR 0416201259  Washington approves purchase of respirators from Chinese companies 0416201209 Non- Sterile Latex Powder Free Disposal Glove. 2.6M Gloves. FOB Los Angeles 0414201217 Surgery 3ply 0414201256 Disposable Protective masks. 500K  FOB Los Angeles 0414201335 3 Ply Face Mask. 100K. FOB Los Angeles. 0416202313 HAND SANITIZER – Sanitizer COVID 19 Approved available / disponible Canada 0416201214  LATEX GLOVES- ITALY Europe 0416201236  Face Masks – Covid 19 – FDA Approved USA 0416201248 Face Shield Protection Europe 0415200232 Disposable Protective mask USA 0416201345  Face Masks – Covid 19 – FDA Approved 0415200153 Disposable Vinyl Gloves 0416202238  3Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask 310K. FOB Los Angeles  0415202242  N95 Face Mask. 10000pcs. FOB Ohio  0415202336 Disposable Protective masks FOB Los Angeles. 0415202320 50000 FFP2 Italy Europe 0416201220  DOCTOR/NURSE SCRUB DEAL 0415201130 900 pcs of Drager ICU Ventilator Savina 300 available in stock in Germany.  0415202357  Disposable Protective masks. 500K. . FOB Los Angeles 0415201240 KN 95 Protective Face Mask. 50K. FOB Los Angeles  0415202335 KN 95 Face Mask. 15000pcs. FOB Arizona  0416201136 KN95 solution mask Europe 0416201343 Powerful Thermal Imager for Anti COVID-19 mostly used in airports REPLY II 0415200506 KN 95 Europe 0416201220 Mask Vending Machine  0415200423 new production line for KN95 mask 0416200939 Corona Products 0415200317 Disposable Surgical Mask & KN95- the Government Nominated Supplier 0415200247 Braun non touch thermometer for sale  0416201051 Non surgical Isolation gown China 0415200209 AIG-500ml sanitizing gel offer Europe 0415200203 3 Ply   30,000,000 pc  0415200151 KN 95 Face Mask. 15000pcs. FOB Arizona  0414202341 APRON covers Europe 0416201342 Disposable Protective masks FOB Los Angeles  0414202355 FFP2 KN95 masks Europe 0416201107 Hand sanitizer with CE MSDS FDA 0416201134 THERMOMETERS 0414202337 NEW SILVER SOURCE VINYL GLOVES 0415200132 Nitrile Examination Gloves offer 0415202316   Kleenex Mega Bath Tissue 0415200130  Bersih 16.9oz 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. 34200units. FOB Texas  0416200956 KN95-Medical Protective Mask FOB: FL USA 0414202350 KN 95 Protective Face Mask. 150K. FOB Florida  FDA & CE 0415202338  Clorox Offer 0415200130 3Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask 310K. FOB Los Angeles  0416200934 Medical Suit coveralls  0415200100 MedPride Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves,  3750,00pcs. FOB Miami 0416200936 Kn95 1.25 million by 20th,April.pdf 0415200042 3 Ply Face Mask. 20k. FOB Los Angeles. 0416200953 Sysco High Performance Black Nitrile Gloves. 270K. FOB Miami Not for medical use.041520007 Face shield civil use 0415201004 Disposable Protective masks FOB Los Angeles  0415201231     Gold bullion. 9,500MT in UBS Zurich. discount 12% for buyer, 3% for intermediaries. LOI with profile needed to begin deal Bank to Bank. SKR and KY available. very old. SKR not updated since 2005.  0415201855  seeking freighter  0416201209 

ACMI FOR ONE YEAR 747/400 F 0415201234 1988 freighter 737-300 with CFM56-3B1 engines (20,000LB). 0415200957 Yanmar 6EY18ALW x 3 Generator sets (Brand New unused) 0415200911 R B747-400BCF 0415200900 A300-600F,  ACMI Lease bases 0415200838  (2) Used GE 6B plants 0415200532 8 x Caterpillar CG170-20 Genset  0415200649 1 Unit Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733-A 6×6 Tarpaulin – 2015 ex-demo Directly available 0415200714  B747-400BCF 0415200756 SAT System Modular HERA Photos for sale 0415200027 New Solar Centaur 50 Natural Gas Turbines 0415201359