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AT&T TN838 #E5PQ36FAAE wanted. 211219p Hughes PES 5000 wanted. 21233p Quintum wanted. Looking for Tenor and other Quintum used. 21921a TEST EQUIPMENT wanted or similar. Fluke 5102B Calibrator Qty 1 HP 54201A Digitizing O-scope Qty 2 HP 8642M Signal Generator Qty 2 1311127a EXS-VIO-1000, exel VDAC IO card. wanted. 131944a NACT 155 boards wanted. 121944a Clarent 4E1 Gateway needed. 1281022a Nokia DE 21, 2-2-2 needed, 131908a 2N GSM Gateways,1E1, wanted. 128155a Telelek spares wanted. TSM – 256 REV F 870-1289-02 DNS2LM0BAB and others. 1311040a Voicemaster wanted. 127733p Quintum Tenor CMS 9604/120 needed. 129956a Excel 16 span E-ONE cards, NMS AG-4000 Quad E1 needed. 124717p 124620p PCOM, ODU, 18GHZ, 8T1/DS3 (B2-HP) 4FSK 20405 needed. 128142p Siemens EWSD DIU 48B needed. 125812a SELL IT, BUY IT, FIND IT. WE WILL CREATE YOUR FREE TELECOM CLASSIFIED AD. REACH THOUSANDS TELECOM & NETWORK PROS. To respond or submit FREE ad, email See 1000s of Ads at To Search This Page, Press Control + F Keys. Type Item in Search Box. All Equipment Transactions Protected by Escrow-Guard Editor not responsible for content. Chamber of Commerce member since 1967. Complying with 2003 CAN-SPAM ACT & relevant regulations. To subscribe to FREE Telecom Classified Ads, click on this link; ; Address is never shared. To unsubscribe click on this link; . All removal requests are honored. Marketing and Consulting Services Available. Buyers and sellers wait for your offer. Telecom Classified Ads & and Free Telecom Ads are registered trademarks. Copyright; Fivenson Inc. Fivenson Inc does not warrant the accuracy of listings. Listings are from private sellers as well as resellers, worldwide. Ph 231-946-2195, Fx 419-818-0129, Quescom GSM&VOIP Gateway wanted. 124832p 128155a Need quintum items .. minimum 30 voip channel and E1 interface. RAD Ipmux-11 with e1 127727p Orinoco gold cards wanted. 127529p Nuera Access Plus F200 power supply needed 128457p Lucent 302c Console refubed Qty:3 Lpa380c refubed Qty:8 Cisco 7204VXR QTY:2 Cisco PA-2Ds3 CAC Widebank 28NEBs 930-0073 Needed. 127151p Clarent 400 E1 gateways wanted. f45948f 2 Cisco PA-2DS3 needed. 127148p analog Tenors and telulars needed. 128747a Cienna Equipment needed. 128210pc E1 multiplexers (2-4 v35/rs530 ports needed. 1281155ac Audit FXS CARDS – 740-0093 – FXO CARDS – 740-0037 wanted. 1311240pc 5ESS spares wanted. 1311207pc Looking for Lucent wavestar 400G modules: 3x DCM-5 108402603 1x DCM-10 108402629 21521ac Unisphere gear needed. 1311141ac DSLAM GEAR wanted. Large lots. 131936pc P-COM Tel-link 10 or 23 Ghz ODU’s wanted. 125902ac SPME wanted. 126231pc Orinoco Classic Gold wanted. 128600pc Unisphere(Juniper) gear needed. (1) GE/FE-8 (1) OC3/OC12-POS (1) OC3/OC12-ATM 128317pc Lucent wavestar 400G modules: wanted. 3x DCM-5 108402603 1x DCM-10 108402629 127710pc Norsat C-Band LNBs AP-1000 Orinoco Wireless Access Point 24dBi 2.4 Ghz Grid Antenna 2.4 GHz waterproof bi-directional pole mounted amplifier {indoor & outdoor Needed. 1261053ac 15454 OC48E-31.90.1 15454 OC48E-54.13.1 15454 OC48E-52.52.9 15454 OC48E-1/52.52 100HZ ELR 15454 OC48E-54.13 needed. 126333ac One ECT Switch with 16 E1for Calling Card ISDN or SS7 wanted. 125833ac Ericsson TRU’s KRC1311004/1 wanted. 125336ac NTLX86AA needed. 124601pc 4OC48/POS-SR-SC . wanted. 124824pc Newbridge 2902 with V.35 Interface wanted.