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Chrome ore for sale. 0926190844

Tower co in Nigeria for sale . Range  $45m to $60m  0926190844

Siemens SGT 400 for sale used. 3 Generators 12.9Mw – 2016   0927191208

Copper Ore wanted  0923191127

Caterpillar Generators , NEW SURPLUS 3512B OPEN SETS  for sale.  0926191004

Late Model Metal Fabrication Facility for sale 0925191522

Siemens SGT 400 x 5 for sale used   0926190250

Air Craft Needed: B737-400F or B737-300F or similar      0924191653

2500kW Diesel Geneset 2 units(MTU), Siemens SGT 400 x 5 used for sale  0924190828

Earth station wanted. 0922190952

Simulsat 5 C/Ku is the world’s only antenna that can simultaneously receive signals from up to 35 satellites within a 70° view arc, with equal performance on each satellite for sale unused. 0926190732

SMT and Electronic Test gear for sale used.    0926191308

Iron Ore wanted. 0919191331

Automotive Grade Urea for sale from Kuwait, India, Egypt, Ukraine or China. Analysis and Private label available. 0920191531

12MW 3P 6.6V 50HZ MAN Gas-Turbine power plant Brand new 3 sets 2013 for sale   0922192318

Brush Turbo 50MW Generator for sale used   0923190611

Urea available; suppliers concentrated in USSR, Odessa, Georgia, Azerbaijan with a competitive price. Also from China and India.  0918191304

Cat XQ1475 Nat gassers  50hz 400 volt. Under 10,000 hours. 2012 Cat dealer maintenance.. for sale used    0922191216

Caterpillar Generators , NEW SURPLUS 3512B OPEN SETS x 10 for sale  9922191111

3.5M Ka-Ku-Band Earth Station Antenna for sale used    0919191355

GE TM 2500 gas turbine Gen sets x 6 used for sale. 0919191142

Bonny Light  Crude Oil (BLCO)  from Nigeria for sale. 9/5 discount.  0926191609

Nigerian Crude for sale. Good discount and commission. If buyer says there is fraud in NNPC BLCO, seller works for Buyer NOT NNPC   0918191618  1635 1702

Au wanted 0923190520

Seasoned MTN needed. 0918192119

Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN direct available. 0920190900

Bitumen coal wanted 0913191054