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for sale small emoney institute in Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic. company + license for small emoney institute   0503191839

AT&T Uninstalled 4G Cellular Tower, sites Decommissioned by AT&T, ZTE manufacture,  050319c1639

MCL MT4000 750W Full KU-Band TWTA less than 1 hour usage. Andrew 7.3 M 4-Port Earth Station Antenna

MCL VZU6994AD 400W Ku TWTA, MCL 400W Ku-TWTA/BUC, Vertex 7134 Antenna Controller, Vertex TRK-14 Beacon Receiver for sale used  050319c1639

CommScope HBXX-6517DS-A2M 1710-2180 MHz Quad Port Antenna w/ AISG Actuator x 30 for sale    0501190416

Energy/Oil Company in USA searching for partner to be coordinator in America, Europe and Asia as salesman between us and buyer. 050119c0620

3.8 M prodelin  C -band antenna refurb and which we recently decommissioned from a site. We also have 125 W sspa BUC for sale.      0426191016

idirect x5 modem refurbs x 2.  tested and working  properly. For sale   0426191008

Manganese for sale    042819c0817  042519c1643

iDEN network simulator/emulator wanted 0423191749 

Bitumen For sale    042419c1511

Manganese and Chrome ore wanted. 041019c0917

Iron ore from Australia or South Africa wanted  041019c0917

Iron Ore for sale, South African exporting company.   042219c2331

Venezuela Central Bank authority. How much and where do they want it to go what currency.   042519c1005

Au wanted;  042419c2256    042419c2326

Au in Europe wanted 042019c0452

.75 cm to 1.6 Meter Ku-Band Flyaway antennas for sale   042519c0602

Sim card Roaming for sale from Georgia with Georgia number +995 we have free incoming call without topup credit in sim card minimum order 1000/5000 pcs in bulk order from 10.000 to 50.000 pcs we can give you discount. unlimited voice and sms and data for +100 country in worldwide you have package free incoming call in all country in worldwide also you have unlimited voice and sms and data per month for +100 country we can put also your company logo in sim card and platform and give you % discount from credit airtime minimum order sim card with company logo 10,000 sim card also we can integrate your debitcard Mastercard and mobile payment in telecom network MVNOs in your brand sim card roaming platform .  042219c2149

Ericsson DUS5216  42 Qty Ericsson DUS4101  73 Qty for sale used     042319c0221

rectifier 48v x 100 wanted 0419190613

i-encs license and co for sale. 0416190704

Sat used Equipment for sale 042419c0806

Powerwave mca9129-90 or mca9129-60 wanted 041719c1008

C-Band SSPA BUCs for sale used 042419c0758

Siemens EWSD Class 5 Switch installed in 2000-2001. Revision 16. Operational and just decommissioned. 16 LTG, 2-17. Five DIU per LTG (3 DIU A or B cards per LTG). Four T1 circuits configured for DLU (96 DS0). Redundant hard drives. Magnetic Tape backup drives. Spares Modules purchased and on shelves, spare inventory . Radpad and modems for billing. Adtran TSU/DSU 56k to T1 for two SS7 links. Monitor and alarm panels. Two Windows NT terminal interface with X25 modems. GPS timing source 00206191938

antennas wanted  739-495 739-496 739-622 (AP13-880/065/XP) 741-326 741-327    0408191923

MARCONI needed:  1HAT61123ABY 1HAT60730ANS 1HAT61123ADJ.  also ADVA board p/n. ADVA WCM #9 0063304709    0405190846

iDirect X5 modem wanted   040319c0923

Urgent Sales JP54. Port: CIF Europort Rotterdam, Terminal: Odfjell Netherlands B.V. quantity of 1,000,000 BBL available. Buyer commitment SBLC    040319c1746

HK Au available.  Minimum Lift, 200 MT.     040319c1240

Comtech CMD760 or MDM6000 wanted 0402190504

Telco wanted.  client base (asset purchase) or entire corporation (stock purchase.)  0402190640

Iron ore wanted 040319c0323 033119c0726

LINKSPRINTER 100 PART # 4401131 NEW IN RETAIL BOX for sale    040119c1331

Diamond buyers in the US and a Buyer with boots on the ground in Sierra Leone that can meet in Freetown.   032819c1835

3.8m antenna, Hughes HX hub, C band SSPA for sale used   032819c1448

ICASA IECS and IECNS license wanted 0329190520

Portable Water Chiller CW 5000, CW 5200, 1000W, 1500W or other for CO2 Laser for sale unused. 032819c0437

Telica switch  spares wanted.  0319191126

Seasoned MTNs wanted   032519c2324  032819c1944  032919c1347

Seller of JP54 or Jet A1 wanted    032619c0826

RF Industries P2RFC-2422-39 4.3/10Male to 4.3/10 Female TFT402LF low PIM 39 inches(3.25 Feet) jumper. X 400. NEW.  0322191118

Ericsson ROJ1192106/74 – 33 units and ROJ1192106/75 – 15 units for sale   0319190702

investor  wanted for working Nepal Mobile Telco   0316191303

Direct to the following commodity sellers;    1) Two of biggest coconut product manufacturers in Philippine (out of 7 top rankers). Their products are:        Desiccated coconut: Granulated (full fat 65% minimum) & Special Cuts.        Toasted coconut, Sweetened coconut, coconut Sugar, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, Coconut Flour. 

   2) Silca mine owner & exporter in Philippines;     3) Nickel latrite mine owner & exporter in Philippines;    4) Manganese mine owner in Thailand. All of them are selling and exporting their products for decade. mine owners selling other ore.  032219c1302

BG/ SBLC for Lease and for sale. Direct mandate to a top provider of BG/ SBLC for Lease and sale. Prices are 5+2 and 30+2 respectively. Issuance by top AA rated Banks in Europe/USA. 031519c1842

BG/SBLC monetization available. 031519c1842

AU for sale. FOB Hong Kong. 12.5 Kg/Bar 300MT with rolls and extensions Internationally Acceptable Hallmark. 999.5/1000 fineness. Net to Buyer, 10% based on Second Fixing LBMA. Commission: 1.5% for Seller’s side, paid from Seller’s Account (closed).1.5% for Buyer’s side, paid from Seller’s Account.. First lift : 50MTs Subsequent lifts : To be mutual agreed. USD/EURO/HKD/CNY. Buyer shall pay Seller by MT103/202 or CASH TRANSFER to seller’s   account       031819c1752

64.5% IRON ORE available in India and in Mexico. Up to 200,000MT/month.  2% PB from seller. Sample, SCO and analysis available. 031519c0352    032019c0221

3.8m antenna, Hughes HX hub, C band SSPA in the 100 watt range. 

wanted   0315191310

Deutsche or other seasoned MTNs wanted    031419c1741

Two telecoms in Eastern Europe for sale. Fixed landline, each company up to 500 users. Fixed land line digital central Iskra with more than 2000 channel. 500 number active. Company in 2 location in Albania with complete platform and digital central landline.  0314190055

buyers looking for diamonds 031819c1817

Casa Systems C100G CCAP for sale.   1x  28-slot chassis 2x  US16X8   2x   SMM300G 2x  DS8X96 1x  US IO 2x  LC Switch 2x SMM Switch 1x QAM IO used     031219c1505

Sun Microsystems Netra X4250 2x 2.13GHz, 64Gb memory, 4x 146Gb HDD, RAID, Quad NIC, AC power.  Oracle Netra T4-2 2x 2.85GHz *-core, 128Gb memory, 2x 600Gb HDD, DC power. Oracle Netra T4-1 2.85 4-core 64Gb memory, 2x 300Gb HDD, Oracle Netra T4-1 2.85Ghz 8-core memory, 2x 600Gb HDD.  For sale used.     031219c1532

Sun Microsystems Sparc 20, Ultra 10, Sun Blade 1500, Oracle T5-1B, T5-2, T5-4, T5-8 wanted       031219c1538

CAT 3516C 2500kW Standby Diesel Generators x 14 for sale used.     031219c1101

non-recourse Loan and funding at a low Interest Rate of 2% both long term and short term.031719c0114

ICASA IECS and IECNS license wanted 0313190345

12 x Siemens ADSL card, S50010-M1424-B101, for sale used  031419c0958

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CB Uplink truck for sale used. 0727191153

Cisco 8945 Mitel 5330 Polycom SoundPoint IP650 for sale used   0731190803

Licensed Gambling, Curacao. 1000+ games  online poker room (network of individual solution).   0726191655

Two Andrew 4.6M Antennas, C-Band or KU-Band for sale used.    0726191004

MVNOs and MVNEs available from France Orange telecom with your brand & logo with License for use in France and worldwide all in one platform. 0726191641

Panasonic KXT1610, 7 4-line phones (3 refurbished \’new\’ in box).  For sale.  0727191257

62%, 55% and 65% Iron Ore for sale.   0724191012

signal path SP201 wanted 0722191037

Cannabis dispensary wanted east Coast USA  0722191313

Seasoned MTNs wanted from AAA Banks:  1. We look for paper 40-60%  2. Contracts from 2B to 20B USD / EUR / GBP 3. Coupon size minimum 3% preferred plus 5%  4. Maturity 2/3 years 5. Delivery Desk to Desk  0720190030

Sat gear for sale used 0725190858

IQA-1921C  Refurbed  Kaelus PIM Analyzer for sale 0725191616

MTN seasoned available. 87+2 trading at 99. Seller is an asset manager with LONDON desk.   0717190317

HPA/ BUCs other sat gear used for sale. 0718190951    0718191410

ZTE rectifier zxd1500 , 48vdc 30A new in box. X 150    0722192237

hp agilent 34401a  used for sale. 0723191306

African company available for JV or investor.  0716190725

colocation center wanted    0716190728

colocation data center available. Sent 0715191654

Agilent 33250, Tektronix AFG3102 wanted 0718191018

Investor and consultant wanted for our telecom      0716190731

HK AU wanted. 0709191930  0619191345   0703191505

Agilent/HP  8921A x 3 Refurb for sale   0715191721

CPAK-100G-SR10 x 6 refurb for sale   0708191730

Gambling license Central America, South America, Caribbean, North America  wanted. 0702191012

Nokia IPA-2800 wanted  0710191044

Large antennas for sale used   0711191109

Fiber Optic Cable for sale.  About 500 Km Lucent 216F, True Wave, never used.  Highest quality. 1000% Lifetime expectancy of 40 years once laid. Stored, can be inspected in Germany.   0625190533

GE Railway Locomotive Engine Overhauling. 21 x EMD needed. 0704190313

Telco wanted.  all or part,  0703191251

MKT-006-04015 XXC INTERFACE MODULE 4 wanted. 070419-934

CANNABIS DISPENSARY for sale in USA.    0702191533

Copper cable (Telekom Earth cable and Ericsson cable). Drums for sale. 0702190627

solar panels for sale.   0703190714

Rohde and Schwarz HM8123 for sale used    0702190506

Antennas for sale used, 9M to 3.7M.?  0701191348

Remote Voice Trunking Gateway VMUX-110/AC/8FXS/ETH-UTP wanted 0708190937

India CLI, Bangladesh CLI/Non CLI, Pakistan CLI/Non CLI.Premium quality with good status routes.Ksa, Uae, Oman & Bangladesh payments  0706190238

Venice CA REHAB UNITS for sale $2.75M ARV $6M 0701191017

Siemens PCM30G Central Multiplexer x 3 used  for sale   0628190831

Copper wire wanted   0625190912

Cisco A9K-24P-160G-TR-B                       A9K-MOD200-TR                A9K-MPA-1X100GE             A9K-RSP880-LT-TR              A9K-VSM-500                        A9K-XLAT-LIC- M            License Service   CPAK-100G-SR10                 CVR-CFP2-CPAK10                     1X100GBE                                  CRS-FP140                             FP-100G-SR10                   wanted    0702190411

Excavators, cranes , Heavy Trucks, large generators for sale used. 0626191204

Power plant for sale: 260 mW only 500 hrs Running Time!!  50 hZ in mint condition, built to provide security for a neighboring nuclear power plant and to cover peak loads in the surrounding power grid. GTKW of the operator Vattenfall, Europe. 500 hours running time.  260 MW from Germany inclusive;   Disassembly of the power plant, Packing and Damming, Domestic Transport, Port Handling – Freight CIF  Insurance for removals + transports  Reconstruction on site and commissioning with software updates as well as renewal of any wearing parts. Total delivery and construction of a 252 MW gas turbine power plant 71.000.000 Mio.  Plus the costs for the buyer within the country arise through:  1. Import duty, fees etc.  2. Inland Transport  3. Foundations for the power plant  and components  4. Infrastructure if required  5. Operator permits etc.  6. Authorization approvals etc.  Need LOI / Mandate / BCL or other POF.  0625190533

Bullion (FOB HK) wanted   3 Ton  –   Fully certified Gold only! –   All legal paperwork (LBMA + other official and verifiable certifications) available for Due Diligence by buyer –   Fees to be paid by seller –   Availability Within max 50 days.  –   Ideally buyer seeks for +/- 6 % discount for fast transaction.   0625190742(sent)

Costa Rica gambling online with complete platform -Costa Rica gambling package  wanted    0620190843

USA Termination available 061019094

Prime Eastern PA Commercial/Industrial/Warehouse Properties Within 100 Miles of NYC available. 0620191213

Subrack 2M/4O new in bags X 2. 1 opened for pictures. 3x AMU MI-14/4 109555516 AMU Main card new sealed and 3x Adapter card AC-1 new sealed for sale in Romania. 0615191601

Energy/Oil professional seeks employment. 0614191452

32Z aligner for sale used. 0613191015

installation and site maintenance of Satcom, maritime, SDN (Software defined network), 4G, LTE, 5G, wireless RF, Telecom tower, Telecom equipment shelters and project management,   0626290825

installation and commissioning of mid-size and large Earth Station antennas Wanted   0615190842

Guildline 6675/6623 or similar wanted   0613192225

IBM 81Y9670 / 300 GB / 15K RPM / SAS 6GB for sale used  0614191151

Lenova or other keyboards wanted.  0614191131

Alcatel ADSL Cards    3EC17385AA (ADLT-L)   3EC37038AB (PSPC-R)     3EC16452BB (SANT-F) for sale used. 0617190718

SBLC for sale  0613191250

Calix ONT, Intecom phones, 3com IP phones for sale used   0615191207

8′ Andrew microwave antennas x 5 for sale used. UHX8-59W-P3A (5.925>7.125ghz). Located in South USA.     0611190858

Venezuelan Bolivars (VEF) Physical for Sale 0610191819

Varian 600W TWTA 14Ghz Ku x 2 complete with PSU\’s in Aluminium Nato Flight cases for sale used. Both working with logs and low hours in United Kingdom. Other Ku equipment available including antennas, up/down convertors. 0610191451

Sat Equipment for sale used  0611191750


Topaz Systems T-L x 300 for sale used    0618191141

44017   TELECOM SOLUTIONS DCD TNC-E/C MODULE   for sale used   0603191123

3Z RF Aligner (GPS Antenna Alignment Tool) wanted  0607191358

colocation data center wanted   060619c1640

Nortel/Ciena OM6500 wanted    060319c1145

Ceragon idu’s and odu’s, SHOUTiP 2500, NEC and Harris, Huawei Link and Switch, Juniper MX960, Telus I gate, R48-2900U, AUDIOCODES MEDIANT 8000   wanted    060419c1751

Cisco SPA504G Phones Cisco SPA500S Cisco UC560for sale 061019c0712

startup company seeking investor to help start new cloud services for talk-text-data.   0601190539

sam4-spmt15 x 3 for sale USED 053019c0936

new ES661C (made 1998) for AUD77 for sale 060519c0014

dishes with feed horns or PL6-59D feed horns wanted    0529192041

Large Earth Station Antennas for sale used   052919c1602

New York CLEC  for sale. Over $1/2 million in outstanding invoices over 13k 212 NPA assigned. Asking $2.7M  0525191420

broadsoft switch for sale 0527191219

Wavestream 100W Ku-Band BUC 14.0-14.5GHz 053019c1523

copper concentrate available  0529192012

62% Iron Ore for sale     052419c1507

NOKIA | FPBA | 470141A  400pcs Alcatel | 7342| chassis  6 sets    KRC 161 760/3   Radio 4415 B70              KRC 161 427/3                Radio 4426 B66 KRC 161 706/1     Radio 4418 B40T  KRC 161 789/1 Radio 4418 B41 KRC 161 803/2     Radio 4422 B78c  KRC 161 726/1        Radio 2242 B3  KRC 161 728/1      Radio 2468 B8  KRC 161 496/1      Radio 2212 B3 KRC 161 624/1 /2            Radio 2212 B1 KRC 161 500/1       Radio 2217 B1  KRC 161 568/2      Radio 2217 B11 KRC 161 637/2     Radio 4415 B3  KRC 161 735/1    Radio 2248 B1  KRC 161 688/3  /1                Radio 2212 B2       for sale tested 060519c0307   

HUAWEI WD25UBBPg3 for BBU3900 BBU3910 BBU5900, # 03026AQVfor sale used. 052919c1501

Gold Swiss or HK wanted or other. 052519c1000   060619c1612

Nortel NTQA01LA DRX 20 pcs  NTQA57AA PSU 30 pcs NTQA66DA RECAL 50 pcs NTQA91AA Rectifier PSU 20 pcs  For sale used    0534190615

Cisco phones for sale used Cisco 7940 31 Cisco 7941 32 Cisco 7960 444 Cisco 7961 219 Cisco 7962 1 Cisco 7965 2 Cisco 7970 25 Cisco 7975 1 052219c1621

Topaz TF-LBK464-HS  Cisco 79xx for sale used 052819c0457

Dubai Au, wanted. 051719c1213

Manganese Ore, Titanium ore for sale. 030119c0416

Hydrogen Peroxide H202, 4 20FCL needed in Latin America. 030119c0416

CommScope 158ezdf conectors   for sale   05241923025

EZDF CommScope connectors x 158 for sale 052219c0934

R&S CMW500   x 2 for sale used. 051719c1001

Gold Bars in Europe or Asia wanted    051519c0203

IRON ORE – 62% wanted. Urgent. 150,000 Metric Tons/Month (12 Month Contract);  – CIF  –     Origin : Any   -Loading Port : Any Safe World Port  -Destination Port : JAPAN   -Inspection :  SGS or equivalent  -: BULK   -Payment : Irrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed, 100% LC at sight.    LOI available;    0515191321

Au wanted in Europe. 051319c1225

Topaz TF-LBK464-HSB-R for sale used 051319c1439

ICASA IECS and IECNS license wanted   0510191202

Copper for sale SCO available 051019c1220

Copper scraps/HMS 1&2  for sale FCO available from Republic of Guinea.    051019c0031

HMS from Japan for sale. 051019c0029

Al,  Cu, HMS USED RS wanted     051019c0027

Iron Ore wanted. LOI available. Buyer provides soft probe. 150,000MT to 200,000MT/month, 55% or similar delivered to China.   050619c1436

Iron Ore, Copper and Sulfate for sale 050919c2003 and 16

NORTEL for sale used.  passport dualcpu fab 210384-a rev 11        ntmx74ab  ntbx01 nt9x49cb    tex20aant9x17aa nt9x17aa 2 pcs nt9x96aa  ntbx01ba nt6x40  ntsx05aa nt6x19aa box 6x18baa nt6x21ac 5x box  nt6x17 4xbox nt6x17ba box  ntmx74 nntmdav04ibm power supply  nt8d0911 x2 pcs  nt8d0903 nt0x7001 nt4c6501  ntfx31aa ntbx3402 nt8d09ba  nt8d02ea ntbx0103 x 2pcs nt6x40fa  nt9x36ba ntex2203   ntex2205 nt9x1407  nt9x31ab 06 0509190124

Icasa IECS & IECNS license wanted 0506191625

IFR 2965A Test Set wanted   0506191433

IFR2975 test set for sale used. 050919c1550

AMD  Processor New never used in try packing  for sale  0507190701

iDirect X1 + BUC 3W + LNB. Used 050619c0207

FLAT USA TERMINATION ANY WHERE needed with VOIP and No 80/20 Rule. 050919c1724

Data Entry support based in Bangladesh will work for a long-term (small or medium projects) at $6/hour to provide All type of Data Entry and Customer Support. Try us free for a Week. General Ledger, Bookkeeping, CRM, Mail labeling, Email Marketing, Lead Collection, Data Research and more. Real Estate data entry support.  0506190951

RNC EVO 8200 for sale used.   It is 3 sub racks BFD 508 003 Loaded by  ROJ 208 392 6 cards ROJ 208 394 48 cards ROJ  08 395 6 cards ROJ 208 467 6 cards Fan units BBM 140 013 6 units Converter KDU 137 557/2 2 units  0503191348

CMW-500  Qty 2 available.  Both Calibrated and ready to ship.  CMW500+OPT for sale used.  050719c1714

229 NEW in box UIC PP690 part number# RH0DKC1YRBAN POS Keypad Payment Smart chip swipe Terminal Card Reader, DTX-1800 Flukes x 9 Agilent 6032A  BOP100-1M  Kepco Bipolar Operational Power Supply/Amplifier

Oscilloscopes Power Supplies Spectrum Analyzers Network Analyzers > RF Power Meters  for sale used 050719c1659

shell companies available with VAT numbers in different countries in Europe, in different countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria  0503191846

For sale License + company costa rica gambling online with complete platform -Costa Rica gambling package  0503191844

FinTech company in Germany company + license for sale    0503191842

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CEO available to provide management and focus on revenue production and positioning the company for growth 0608180021

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5G LICENSE AVAILABLE FOR JV. Footprint in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia has recently been APPROVED. As a result our 5G network licence can be deployed in the USA and other regions of the globe. We plan to deploy our network and grow it or sell it to a major international telecom company. For a JV we will consider operating companies, financial institutions or a public shell with funding. Since time is of the essence we are open to all options. What I expected happened. Telecom companies in the USA, Asia and Europe are testing the spectrums we are already grandfathered in with our existing license, to use the same exact spectrum. These spectrums were approved by FCC for some welcome companies as well. These spectrums were approved by FCC for Spacex and Oneweb to deploy to their future networks. Owner, with vast telecom expertise in operation and acquisitions, will assist. 0728170353

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Nigerian/African company partner wanted for termination 0528151158

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Unique opportunity to enter the 5G wireless spectrum. Grandfathered FCC satellite earth station license with an extensive wireless spectrum globally is offered for joint venture. Owner will stay. An opportunity to enter the lucrative wireless spectrum market. The FCC with encouragement from Google, Facebook is opening up new spectrum for 5G of uses of current wireless high frequency spectrums used by satellite earth stations. High frequency spectrum will revolutionize the wireless network to exceed the speed and reach of the fiber network. At this point: 1-The FCC may repurchase satellite earth station licenses 2-Or our license maybe bough by one of the major technology companies. 3- Or alternatively we can develop our own 5G network ahead of the pack Our license is available for joint venture with major financial or operational entity to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity at this early stage. FCC rule making posting here: 177&applicant=&lawfirm=&author=&disseminated.minDate=&disseminated.maxDate=&received.minDate=1%2F28% 2F14&received.maxDate=&dateCommentPeriod.minDate=&dateCommentPeriod.maxDate=&dateReplyComment.minDate=&dateReplyComment.maxDate=& $50M investment, requires cash. 0330151614
Guinea JV wanted. 0330151801
Pre/Post Sales Engineer available with experience designing, presenting and implementing complex Voice and Data solutions 033015c1800
3G USB modem dongles unlocked to all networks available. 033115c0523

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Well-established investment group and mining firm (20 years+) seeks additional investors for highly profitable gold mining opportunity with world class licenses. Pre-exploration phase. High gold grade per ton. Expecting 10-20M OZ yield. 0519151623

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Malaysia or area Licensed MVNO wanted! 0516150053

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Oil prices and procedures follow. 051815c1923
End Buyer/Buyer Mandate
We are an authorized mandated company to a reputable End Seller Company/Refinery.
On behalf of the Refinery, we hereby issue this SOFT CORPORATE OFFER with full corporate and legal
responsibility, under penalty of perjury confirms that we are genuine, serious, ready, willing and able to
provide and supply for genuine, serious, ready, willing and capable Buyers the following Products /
Min. Quantity: 500.000 BBL
Max. Quantity: 5.000.000 BBL PER MONTH
Price: $58 Gross/ $52 Net per BBL
Min. Quantity: 500.000 BBL
Max. Quantity: 4.500.000 BBL PER MONTH
Price: $56 Gross/ $50 Net per BBL
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 1.000.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $470 Gross/ $460 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 1.000.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $490 Gross/ $480 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 1.000.000 Gallon
Max. Quantity: 800.000.000 Gallon PER WEEK
Price: $1.30 Gross/ $1.25 Net per Gallon
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 1.000.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $480 Gross/ $470 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 500.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $460 Gross/ $450 Net per MT
8. MAZUT M100 GOST-10585/75
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 1.000.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $300 Gross/ $290 Net per MT
9. MAZUT M100 GOST –10585/99
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 1.000.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $280 Gross/ $270 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 500.000 BBL
Max. Quantity: 5.000.000 BBL PER MONTH
Price: $50 Gross/ $44 Net per BBL
Min. Quantity: 500.000 BBL
Max. Quantity: 4.500.000 BBL PER MONTH
Price: $48 Gross/ $42 Net per BBL
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 800.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $380 Gross/ $370 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 700.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $350 Gross/ $340 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 500.000 MT PER MONTH

Price: $360 Gross/ $350 Net per MT

Price: $340 Gross/ $330 Net per MT

Price: $400 Gross/ $390 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 750.000 MT PER MONTH

$280 Gross/ $270 Net per MT

$300 Gross/ $290 Net per MT

$320 Gross/ $310 Net per MT

$360 Gross/ $350 Net per MT

$350 Gross/ $340 Net per MT

$330 Gross/ $320 Net per MT

$310 Gross/ $300 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 750.000 MT PER MONTH
CST 180

Price: $310 Gross/ $300 Net per MT
CST 280

Price: $290 Gross/ $280 Net per MT
CST 380

Price: $270 Gross/ $260 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 30.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 650.000 MT PER MONTH
SN 100

$400 Gross/ $390 Net per MT
BS 150

$430 Gross/ $420 Net per MT

$450 Gross/ $440 Net per MT
SN 300

$480 Gross/ $470 Net per MT
SN 500

$500 Gross/ $490 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 3.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 400.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $290 Gross/ $280 Net per MT
19. NPK
Min. Quantity: 3.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 250.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $310 Gross/ $300 Net per MT
Min. Quantity: 3.000 MT
Max. Quantity: 200.000 MT PER MONTH
Price: $330 Gross/ $320 Net per MT
Russian Federation.
Standard Export Quality.
CIF ASWP with Rollover & Extension.
Q&Q test report will be conducted at the loading port by SGS
or Equivalent at the expense of Seller.
T/T, SBLC MT760, DLC MT700, MT 103.

Vladivostok/Novorossiysk/Sakhalin Port.
PERFORMANCE BOND (PB): 2% PB to be issued by Seller’s Bank in favor of the Buyer.
Via vessel or pipeline to Buyer’s destination port.
(50/50) = 50% Buyer side open / 50% Seller side closed.
KICKBACK/MARK UP PRICE: Welcomed, Allowed & Accepted.
1. Buyer confirms Soft Corporate Offer and acceptance of the Seller’s Procedures and issues an ICPO with
Seller’s procedure incorporated on the ICPO.
2. SELLER’s mandate (OOO “EXPRESS-OIL”) issues FCO with FCO Acceptance Form to Buyer’s
Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO). Buyer signs and returns FCO with endorsed FCO
Acceptance Form and a copy of End Buyer’s company license.
3. Seller issues Draft Contract & NCNDA/IMFPA and sends it to the Buyer, Buyer returns the Draft
Contract & NCNDA/IMFPA duly signed.
4. Seller registers, legalizes and notarizes the endorsed Contract officially with the appropriate authorities,
expenses borne by Seller.
5. Seller sends Legalized & Notarized Partial Proof of Product (PPOP) to the Buyer via secured email.
PPOP consists of the following documents:
* Copy of Company Registration Certificate of Incorporation.
* Copy of Product Certificate of Quantity and Quality Passport (Dip Test Result Analysis).
* Copy of Commitment to Supply.
* Copy of Statement of Product Availability
* Copy of Certificate of Origin of the Product.
6. After verification of PPOP, Buyer contacts Seller and pays to obtain a verifiable Purchase Approval
Transaction Allocation Code Certificate (PATACC) to facilitate booking of allocation, obtaining
transaction code and securing a legitimate approval for the transfer of Ownership Title/Allocation by the
relevant authorities to Buyer’s name, which identifies the Buyer as the new Title Holder of the Allocation.
Charges are paid by the Buyer.
Page 5

7. Seller sends to Buyer Application of Transaction Code & Attestation Act of Transfer. Buyer returns
both Documents duly signed.
8. Upon completion of the Purchase Approval Transaction Allocation Code Certificate (PATACC), Seller
sends to Buyer via Government Secured & Insured Courier Service the Registered, Legalized and
Notarized Hard Copy Contract along with the following Legalized & Notarized Full Partial POP
Documents, the courier and notary charges shall be paid by the Seller.
The Legalized & Notarized Full Partial POP Documents to be sent along with the Notarized,
Registered & Legalized Contract via Government Secured & Insured Courier Service includes;
* Registered, Legalized & Notarized Hard Copies of the Contract.
* Purchase Approval Transaction Allocation Code Certificate (PATACC).
* Company Registration Certificate.
* Legalized Attestation Act of Transfer.
* Product Certificate of Quantity and Quality Passport (Dip Test Result Analysis).
* Attestation of Allocation Memorandum.
* Commitment Letter from Seller.
* Certificate of Approval.
* Statement of Product Availability.
* Ministry of Justice Attestation.
* Certificate of Origin of the Product.
* Title Transfer Affidavit Certificate.
* Seller Affidavit.
9. Seller submits all documentation stating Buyer as legal Title Holder and Owner of Allocation to the
shipping company. Seller provides Buyer the full information of the shipping company. Buyer contacts
shipping company and finalize the shipping schedule.
10. Seller and Buyer lodges Contract with their respective Banks.
11. Buyer issues SBLC MT760 or DLC MT700 as Proof of Funds to Seller covering the first monthly
shipment face value to Seller’s nominated bank.
12. On Seller’s receipt of Buyer’s financial instrument, Seller issues to Buyer Full POP plus 2%
Performance Bond. The Full POP Documents includes;
• Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the Ministry of Energy, Russian
• Copy of Approval to Export, issued by the Ministry of Justice, Russian Federation.
• Copy of statement of availability of the product.
• Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.

• Copy of Transneft contract to transport the product to the loading port.
• Copy of the port storage agreement
• Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge port.
• Copy of Tank Receipt.
• Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88.
• Copy of Bill of Lading.
• Dip Test Authorization.
13. On Buyer’s receipt of Full POP and Seller’s 2% Performance Bond, Buyer informs Seller of their
readiness to receive the first monthly shipment.
14. Delivery commences as per contract. Upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port and after
SGS/CIQ at the discharge port, payment is effected Via MT 103 against presentation to Buyer’s bank of
complete set of export & shipping documents.
15. Seller pays all intermediaries/facilitators involved in the transaction within 72 hours.
The above procedure have been approved by the Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation and
serve as a guideline for all transactions involving export of oil products from Russian Federation.
The above procedure must be accepted & incorporated on the ICPO word for word.
No Bill of Ladings, Warranties, SGS Reports, or past fulfilled Contracts will be presented as “Past
Performance,” sanitized or not, for the following reasons..:
Against Trade Regulations
Against stated SGS Policy
Violates formal Contract confidentiality between Buyer and Seller.
We ONLY work 100% strictly according to End Seller Company/Refinery’s above procedures ONLY.
Price lists are negotiable in some terms. If the terms and procedures are acceptable, kindly provide your ICPO for us to
The ICPO must be complete identification of Principal Buyer signed, sealed and stamped; in Buyer’s company letterhead
with Quantity per month/year, Target price, Contract length, Buyer’s own opinion of specification if any and any other
relevant details. We do not accept expired ICPO (Maximum date for validity is 5days).

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