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Congo Telecom seeks investor Describe license you hold? ANSWER? ___ GSM/DECT Country of license? ANSWER? Democratic Republic of Congo What does license allow you to do? ANSWER? __ Fixed & Mobile phone services, Internet, local & international roaming and sale of end users terminal. How many years is license valid? ANSWER? __ 20 Years Are you currently operating a business with license? ANSWER? __ December 1st, 2014 What is your business model? ANSWER? _____ Private Company Your position in the business? ANSWER? __ President Do you wish to JV or 100% sell? ANSWER? __ JV only Approximate value in USD? ANSWER? _____ $14,000,000.00 – 80,000,000.00 Amount needed? ANSWER? _____ $230,000 describe the calculation you used to arrive at a value? ANSWER? _____ N/A What do you offer to partner? ANSWER? __ Partnership or 100% return on Investment in 12 months. Does Business Plan exist? ANSWER? __ YES Do Financial statements exist? ANSWER? _____ No What is expertise and contribution to business by principles? ANSWER?__ Management, License, political negotiation, office facilities outside the capital city. Is License GSM or CDMA? ANSWER? __ GSM Average spend per customer per month? ANSWER? __ $5-$10 Percentage of mobile penetration currently in country? ANSWER? __ 24% (19 millions subscribers out of 80 millions population. When will license be up for renewal once it is issued? ANSWER? __ 2033 Limitations attached to license? ANSWER? __ None License allows us to operate nationwide? ANSWER? __ YES What frequencies are allocated for GSM and CDMA? ANSWER?__ 1910-1920 MHZ TDD 1106131159