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We are Receiver..    _ IPIP-IPID  _ DTC _ FX4  _ KTT _ S2S _ Sw?  _ MT103 / 202 and Manuel Download    We are working on these instruments. Other than that we do not work.  We have Receivers in. Receivers accept both IPIP/IPID but, after funds uploaded, Bank Officer will only download if your Sender provide the Original Blue screenshot with Bank LOGOS along with Bank Confirmation Letter.. Any other Screenshot will not be accepted. Receiver can take up to 500B as firt Tranche if your Sender could meet the conditions above.. Accepted ratio is 50/50. we only accept real cash tranfer via SWIFT.COM… No Swiftnet   1001191636

Simple Cycle, Combine Cycle Turbine Packages & Select Parts. Unused. 1001191043

carrier for sale. CLEC with CA and NV numbers. Wireless but not MVNO, can be converted   0930191845

Aluminum ingot wanted, 100,000/month for 2 years  CIF, DLC  09280919

Copper Wire Scrap available from Dubai, India China, Indonesia   0927192318

Iron ore and Manganese ore from Mexico.  SCO and Analysis Report available 0928192254  0927192318

Copper Wire Millberry for sale  0929190929  

GE 6FA Combined cycle plant duel fuel  50Hz for sale used. 0929190018

Cat. Gen. C32 wanted    0929190532

TM2500 mobile units GE TM2500 Plus for sale used  0930190307

T1 F200 Nuera for sale used    0929191116

Mobile SIP wanted    0930191842

10,000 DID numbers in CA and NV. Available   0930191838

Investor wanted. $2 billion oil project in USA. 0928191406

Iron Ore for sale, 50%- 65.5%. 160,000 tons/month, R&E, Hematite or maginite, SBLC or DLC  Sample analysis available. SGC certified, 2% PB. Physical size requirements. Will have FCO within 24 hours if  LOI is submitted as we have 2 mines in Brazil, one in India and 2 in Mexico.   0927191424

Manganese Ore, Iron Ore wanted    0927191424

Au available 0927191424

Copper Wire Scrap available from Dubai, India, China, Indonesia    0927191424

Copper ore available. 0926191144

Seasoned MTNs for sale 0927191424