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DAS system for sale used. Commscope/Andrew Wireless Cellular radios. They extend coverage up to 120 miles if cascaded. They are 25 Watts. System consists of the following; COMMSCOPE RADIO REMOTE UNITS (RADIO/AMPLIFIER FIBER TO THE ANTENNA) P/N : ION-M17P Product ID 7543135-0001 QTY. 18 P/N : ION-M85P/19P Product ID 7566633-0001 QTY.18 P/N : ION-M80-85/19P (806-849Mhz,851-894Mhz,896-902Mhz,1710-1755Mhz,1850-1915Mhz,1930-1955Mhz) Product ID 7543378-0001 QTY.1 P/N : ION-M90/17P (935-941Mhz,2110-2155Mhz) Product ID 7543377-0001 QTY.3 ION COMBINING UNIT (1710-1755/1850-1915/2110-2155/851-894/936-941/1930-1995/806-849/896902) QTY.3 0612141512