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Brand Name Generators for sale in retail box.   1. 62 X All-Power America APG3009 6000w 13 HP Generator    (UPC 0852055001439)  2. 89 X APG3001, 3500 Watt, Gas   (UPC 852055001279)     0831190333

caterpillar c18 Gen set wanted . 0830190417

MAN 2500 KVA Gensets 50 hz for sale used. 1500 rpm diesel Stanford Alternators 4 units complete with Synchronising Panels to create 10000 kva  Less than 100 hours  Year 2002   0831190333

Topaz TF-LBK464-HS x 40, for sale used   0829191236

12mw ( 50hz) x 3 sets MAN THM 1304-12 gas turbine X3  for sale unused. 0828192159

DMV960A-4T1 x 30 for sale used. 0829190513

Ericsson Radios 161 6XX-X for sale 0828192005

Gold & Diamonds for sale from Africa. 0830191001

Coal for sale  0827192020

Cummins QSK 60 x 20 Sets Used for sale  0827190926

UIC Credit card readers new in box. Cavium Networks CN-3860-500BG1521-NSP-W-G Network processor CPU. Cisco CP-7900 series phones for sale. 0829191017

I am direct to a coal buyer. 100,000 MT then contract after first shipment. RB2 and RB3.  CIF  Indian port  0923191446

7.7 MW Wartsila (2007), W18V32 HFO fired Generator Set for sale   0826190655

CISCO Meraki  MR33- HW  Unused for sale. 0821191000

64.5% Iron Ore, Hematite, $76/MT CIF. DLC. For sale 0820191411

63 Megawatt Energy Plant for sale. 0824191027

Ultra-Fine Copper Powder 1.000kg, Nickel Wire 0,025 for sale 0820191022

2xGE 7EA Gas Turbine Package and 1xDeltak HRSG-Boiler ,  Gas-engine NIIGATA 8L22AG 1465kW 1000rpm 50hz 6600V, Gas-Turbine SIEMENS SGT-100-IS 4660kw 1800rpm 60hz Gas-turbine for sale used. 0820190224

Caterpillar, Komatzu and other Heavy Gear for sale used.    0826191235

Seasoned MTNs wanted  0819191632

7.7 MW Wartsila (2007), W18V32 HFO fired Generator Set, GE: 6B TURBINES ×3 used for sale   0819190217

200MW GE frame 6A CCPP for sale used   0819190111

25 MW USED CATERPILLAR G3520C/E  wanted 0819190151

Gas Engine Generator Set/s for sale used, 6.2kw, 8.7KW x 2, 1000kw x 3, & 3.3 MW. 0818190831

Solar Titan 130  50 Hz used for sale. 0817190057

260 MW Power Plant – 50 hZ, in Europe, for sale used. 500 test hours. Was back-up for nuclear power station while servicing. 0816190745

Cisco Desk Phones 8841 x 300 for sale used  0823191520

Diesel Generator 1500S for sale used  0816190015

Rolls Royce AVON 1535-161/18 dual fuel turbine core engines x 2 for sale.   0815190606

PPC EX6 Plus Connectors for sale 0820191534

Zims and Iraqi Dinars for sale in Zurich. 0814191920

Earth Station wanted to buy or lease. 0813191949

Au mining company in Burkina Faso as exclusive Agent to sell their monthly production in Switzerland. Looking for regular, long term clients. 0814190621

3 x Brand New PW Power Systems – Model FT8 – 30MW – Mobile Pac Units for sale. 0814191122

AirHarmony 4200 wanted   0813191714

Solar T130 x 50Hz. For sale NEW. These are two separate prices. 13.5 MUSD is for the two that have been constructed, but not run. These are 7 million USD per unit. The other is still in packed situation ready for shipping. Price 8.7 Mil USD. 2 x Constructed Units. 7 M Per Unit. 2 x Units 13.5 MUSD. 1 x Packed Unit. 8.7 Mil USD Three Units In Total. 0813190614

200kW Biogas Cogeneration Farm Application for sale   0813191635

VSAT operation wanted. 0813191201

Oil products wanted   0813190517

High Pressure Underground Aluminium Cable, 200K Meters for sale     0812191138

C9300 for sale.    0814192305

CISCO 15454-CE-MR-10 for sale used new in box. 0815192130

Calix 100-03880 VDSL2-48C. Cisco NCS2K-100G-CK-C.  Ericsson KRC118159/1. Wanted 0815192126

AirSpan equipment wanted    0808191159

Nickle Wire available 0808190801

Diesel Generators for sale used. 600v 150kw., 600kw, 880kw, 2MW, used marine engines. High pressure (300 bar) air compressors.  0806191303

Siemens S30050-Q6101 M:DCCG-X Cards  X 20 for sale unused. 0806191252

Now you can lease a genuine bank instrument issued by top rated banks. This credit enhancement service is available for qualified clients and available through the Merchant Banks in Europe.  0807190436  

anritsu site masters s820d, ideal and beldon and all accessories, adapters cables and cases exfo test sets for sale used.    0808190628

microwave links (RFUs, IDUS, antennas) by Advantech Wireless for sale. 12 used, complete and fully functional. 0804191818

Au wanted Swiss or similar procedure. 0805191945    080719044

Avaya inventory closeout. 0802190926

i-direct evolution xlc-m cards wanted   0802190740

Advantech 200W C-Band BUC x2 for sale used  0731191746

Iron Ore wanted, 65.5%. 160,000 tons/month, R&E, Hematite, SBLC or DLC 100% MT-720FFDLC; CONFIRMED, NON TRANSFERABLE, IRREVOCABLE, ASSIGNED, NON DIVISIBLE AND AT SIGHT Auto Revolving Confirmed (RWA) or similar. Sample analysis needed. SGC certified, 2% PB. Physical size requirements. 0723191522

registered mandate of a refinery with Russian D2, JP54,Mazut M100, REBCO, LNG/LPG, BITUMEN, CST-180, VIRGIN BASE OIL, UREA, DAP, NKP FERTILIZERS, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, SULPHUR, more 0730191350

55, 62 & 65.5% Iron Ore for sale in India. 0725191618

Chili Iron Ore, Copper Cathode for sale 0726190957

If Au Seller takes gold dust or bars to our Refinery in Bohemia, NY or Dallas, TX , we will pay after Assay.  0726192248