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International Roaming for only cost of airtime and SIM cards. We are a MVNO / MVNE – so we have a technology platform AND network, which allows us to resell the services on a white-label basis to distributors. No billing delays, no risk to you!! We don’t charge an up-front cost to do this, other than supplying product (SIM cards and A-Z, etc.). Enter the International Roaming business for only cost of airtime and SIM cards. Mark-up the airtime anyway you wish – that is your margin. All components (management portal / customer portal) are branded with your logo / name. Issue prepaid vouchers (to end-users) at no cost. That is YOUR money. The combination enable distributors a to provide a highly competitive product in a high-margin sector of Telecom. Unlike VoIP / wholesale – where margins are often fractions of cents, roaming margins can be quite high. For corporates – we also have high ARPU – not unusual for companies to spend $100 – 500 / month per user. Individuals – ARPU is lower, but still can be lucrative. Example; We have a one distributor with less than 4,000 customers. He is generating $30K / month profit from International Roaming! 1210132245