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Syringes and Needles From Vietnam. All sizes. Great prices.    RS

4 x 747 or airbus  freighters lease wanted , wet lease-purchase in Libya. Have AOC.   1229202324

Cardinal Flexal (200 count) 3.7mil  (product in USA and Canada, delivered by air within 7 days anywhere within Canada and USA) – 200k per week $18.70 incl 10% commission (50% sell side closed, 50% buy side open) – 1m per week $18.15 incl 10% commission (50% sell side closed, 50% buy side open) – 2m per week $17.60 incl 10% commission (50% sell side closed, 50% buy side open) – 5m per week $ 17.05 incl 10% commission (50% sell side closed, 50% buy side open) – 10m per week $16.50 incl 10% commission (50% sell side closed, 50% buy side open) – 20m per week $ $15.95 incl 10% commission (50% sell side closed, 50% buy side open) SOP 1. NCNDA 2. ICPO, MT199 and Authorization letter from Buyer (template available) 3. Buyer / Seller Call with 3M LOA of product 4. SPA with mutual performance guarantee and signed IMFPA 5. Payment to Seller (Seller Escrow, LC or SBLC) 6. Seller provides allocation with Lot numbers / Delivery Schedule 7. 3M provides SGS for the first few shipments 8. Payment is secured and shipments start. All Delivery by air to any major airport in Canada or USA. (buyer can stipulate several locations per weekly order) Documents be addressed: Worldwide Structured Finance, LLC                     RS

500k Cardinals on the ground in Long Beach, CA and ready for pickup at $21/box of 200 gloves. For paper it is very simple, they need a PO made out to 3M Private Seller.  They will then ask for a proof of funds from you which can be a video of you accessing your bank, or even a photo of your account screen showing date and available balance–they will then send an SGA report/Bill of Lading, and will provide you access to inspect–then just pay and take delivery. 10% commission half for buyer half for seller.    RS

3M 1860 Otg Hong Kong, 50% buyer side open. Direct to seller, 5% on order to USA Atty escrow, balance LC: $2.20+10% 1M-15M $2.05+10% 16M-30M

The consignor is responsible for customs clearance at destination and buyer is waiting at the airport receiving SOP LOI LOA ICPO. IMFPA POF is sent to the seller/seller attorney and Verification of funds is executed (ONLY MT199/MT799). A2A call with SGS + Lot numbers +SPA+ LC agreement. Buyer funds LC. Title is transferred to Buyer and funds are released simultaneously.  0108212228

3M 1860 1.5B + RR’s to 2BN – OTG Germany – $2.10 + 10% – 8,33 and 33,33 open* LOI, ICPO, LOA, Bank RWA –  $3,135,000,000 BCL to Luxemburg Holding – or, Cash to Escrow German Law firm. Address to: 3M Private Seller C/o Asetain (Pty) Ltd. Plus, 500MN per week on future production runs – TBD The factory in Germany is under 3M License and build with 3M Machines with Dubai funding we deal with CEO who phoned us last night that our allocation is ready to be uplifted.  ED

3M 1860’s 20B CIF Hong Kong $2.00 + 10%  1860’s 20B CIF Dubai $2.10 + 10% Ready to ship now MOQ 1B If transferable LC, then funds are released at the destination. If Escrow, funds are released upon Bill of Lading. 4,33 Open 33,33% Open    ED  

300K 3m 1860 masks in Phoneix @ $2.70+10%. can provide TUV, inspection and POL. NCNDA, PO, Inspect & Pay    ED

3M 1860 MASKS 2B EU – $1.75+10%   0111210808

FRI, SAT, SUN, MON OFFERS; G  INTCO Nitrile Gloves Germany 0111210511 MEDI + SAFE DISPOSABLE 3PLY MEDICAL FACE MASK. 450000 MASKS. FOB LOS ANGELES. FDA 510K 0110210341 EPA Approved Disinfecting wipes in Canisters 160 ct + 72 ct pouch on the EPA “N” list Made in USA + Israel 0109210930 Cardinal 10B otg  0108212348 3M 8511 N95 noish MASKS OTG FLY N BUY  0109210028 Powdered Latex Examination Gloves (offer) India  0109210037 210k boxes Medical Exam TopGloves 5-6 containers 0109210804 GEL desinfettante Germany 0108210528 Medical Care Modules 0107212235  Disinfectant Wipes USA 0108210524 Nitrile 0107212321 Vaccine Sputnik 0107212244 Germany stock ffp2 0108210758 Freight quote needed for Syringes Istanbul to NY. 0108210945  Popular Temperature Measuring Gate Post Robot 0108210847 Savemed gloves 0108211028 16 oz sanitizer with pump 180K 0108212348 OTG Hand Sanitizer 1,62 oz 80% alcohol OTG MADE IN USA 0109212338 COVID-19 IGG/IGM rapid test card and Antigen rapid test card  0111210541                                                                                                                                                                     Panrosa essential oil bar soap USA 0111210803 Apex Evo machines for sale 0110211239  displacement tug conversion to exploreryacht 0111210826 1992 Rosenbauer Simba 12000, Deutsche Fahrzeugpapiere in Neumünster,  0111210505 Let 410UVP 0111210326  ELECTRIC ATV 0111210847 Tiny House 0110212252 MTWS001 Wireless BT TWS Headphones Europe 0111210522 VERSACE JACKETS STOCK LOT OFFER Euro 0108210613 Dupe flip flops Europe 0108210610 F2000 wanted 01112100038 Mornwell IPX7 Waterproof, Power Rechargeable, Sonic Electric Toothbrush USA 0108210608 Leather Europe 0108210606  NEW TUG BOAT 0108210530 Dartboard Michael van Gerwen including 6 arrows Europe 0108210523  New built 40M GEN 3 FCB  0111210333 3,000 TLC FLOATING CRANE (TBN) FOR SALE 0108210516 5.3K DWT GENERAL CARGO SHIP 0111210314 3,000 TLC FLOATING CRANE (TBN) FOR SALE 0108210438  3,633 DWT PRODUCT TANKER (GAS PRODIGY) FOR SALE 0108210349 Bed & streatcher 0111210430 33000sets of baby garments /  GS20201129 10,500 pcs of printed polo shirt  01112100014  2013 BUILT  80 MAN CREW/SECURITY OPEN 0108210345 Freighter Aircraft Availability 0108210142 20 options Sauce Dish 0111210911  [46MW] Brand new 6 sets of Marine type Diesel engine sets CAT 16CM32C 7680KW 720RPM 60HZ MDO 11000V 2013YEAR 0108210018 SAAB 340 0110212258  50600pcs of leisure shirt for men 0107212324 35300pcs of men’s hooded top 0107212322 Hardware tools 0107212321 LINGERIE LISE CHARMEL 0111210441 can offer on ACMI Cessna208 and AN26  0110212312   Lawnmower Load – GA 0107212209 2013 PB 367 with QMC 70100R Crane 0107212207  4,838 T SELF PROPELLED BARGE (M/V NO. 3 OSEONG)  0111210436  JENBACHER ENGINES – Ref : P/C2 / CAT / JENBACHER / MTU ENGINES /GENERATORS 0108210624  2020 VOLVO L90H 0108210642 6 x DPP TANKERS OPEN FOR T/C 0108210655 1+1 YEAR TANKER REQUIREMENT 0111210505  MERCEDES E 300E HYBRID 0108210919 Housewares by container. 0108210847 Sale 2X john deere 0111210528    AUDI A4 0108210846 BEN SHERMAN Suit 0108210810 Cement 6 MNTHS or 12 MONTHS ++1 MONTH CHOPT   0109210650 ATR 42-500 wanted. 0109210537 RFQ B747-400 freighter to purchase / RFQ B747-400 Freighter aircraft 0109210349 New Furniture 0108212317 DEEBOT Ecovac N79 Robotic Vacuum (Manufacture Refurbished) 0108211311 wanted 19 and 30 seater aircraft on wet lease or lease purchase  0109210901 wanted 19 and 30 seater aircraft on wet lease or lease purchase  0109219901 electric cabin scooter factory 0109211000  ATV top-opened car price and specification 0110210303 Diadora sportswear stock apparel, shoes Europe 0110210258 Ankle Brace USA 01210240 Let 410UVP / 1989 ATR42-300QC 0110210236 5 SHIPS including MPP /SID/BOX m/v Adele -DW 3269 ts / 202 TEU and m/v Trenland DW 4402 ts / 234.000 cbft /ICE 1A/ Sietas 1989 0110210219 BMW CARS 0109212326  2)units B747-400 Pax 0110210206 Siemens mobile units 0109212322  SPORTSWEARS 0109212306  Cosmetics 0109212303  Boss + Walbusch……..+   And Otter high Brand lot sale $.69 ea 0109212256 Panrosa essential oil bar soap USA 0111210729                                                                                                                                 

500M 3M 1860 wanted OTG Mexico.    Codes 1202201205  JR

SCO diesel , jet fuel Russia  01092100001 Venezuelan crude oil offer  0107212203 ALUMINUM & Zink INGOT wanted LOI ready. 0108210432 Gold bullion/Alaska USA 24 carat, 99.9%, 1,000kg  $36,285/kg FOB   0106211405 FUNDER/ INVESTOR FOR YOUR GOLD MINE AND DIAMOND MINES 0108210009   PRIME EXCESS COPPER COATED STAINLESS — SOFTAIN (NISSHIN STEEL) 58MT  0108210023 SUGAR 100,000 MT 01072120532  2 million BLCO crude in Chinese water 0108212305