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3M 1860. Immediate transaction. $1.50 + 10%. 6B available from failed lot. 1B MOQ. Need LOI, LOA and ICPO made out to Private seller. then A2A.  1229201643

Fresh offer. 3M 1860 for sale for a lot that I am part of OTG LA.  It was originally a 15B lot, the buyer could only purchase 4.7B.  Seller agreed, New ICPO was given, BCL was verified, SGS was given.  This ALL happened within 3 hours!  SPA is being presented Monday, with inspection on Tuesday.  Still 10.3B available. Can be broken down to 5B or the buyer can take the whole thing for the same price.  Seller is out of Israel.  This is as real as it gets.  Price is $1.50 + 10%.  38.89% open for buyer side. Need LOI, ICPO with BCL or MT799/MT199 to present at immediate A2A.  Make ICPO and LOI to “Private 3M Mask Seller”. I was told to do exactly this as seller does not want “pretend buyers”.  No LOA needed if buyer has funds verification immediately available.  This is exactly how we did the 4.7B part of this deal.  Get us docs ASAP and we can take this down this week.  Issue P.O. to: 3M Mask Private Seller, Attn: Mr. P. Tolman.  1229201643

Cranberry Evolve 300s. Recentlypassed customs. Verified Lot in Miami  300M available. MOQ 20M, $24.85 (Inclusive of 10%).   Coms breakdown:  Buyer Mandate  3.33% (Fully Open)  Buyers Intermediaries (16.67% (50% Open)  Sellers Mandate 33.33% (Closed)  Sellers Intermediaries (16.67% closed)   SOP:    1. PO 2. A2A  3. Inspect  4. Escrow / Close   or MT199. 1231200735  

3M 8511 Masks, x 205,000 fob miami FL.  $2.39. + your fee       INSPECT AND PAY. 1207200622  

university partnership required to build and to operate   1231201637   Trade Program / IPIP-IPID-DTC-MT103 / 202 MANUEL DOWNLOAD- CASH BACK- GPI and we do all digital financial 0101201930

Real OTG-ready for inspection USA Cardinal Flexal 200ct. nitrile gloves   1) 1M-10M @ $18.50 + $1.85 commissions 2) 10M-50M @ $17.50 + $1.75 commissions  3) 51M-100M @ $16.80 + $1.68 commissions  4) 101M-500M @ $15.80 + $ 1.58 commissions  5) 501M-1B @ $15.20 + $1.52 commissions  6) 1.1B-50B @ $14.80 + $1.48 commissions ONLY accept MT199 or MT799 SOP LOI LOA ICPO (Name of the seller upon request) IMFPA POF is sent to the seller/seller attorney and Verification of funds is executed (ONLY MT199/MT799) A2A call with SGS + Lot numbers +SPA+ Escrow agreement. Buyer funds escrow Title is transferred to Buyer and funds are released simultaneously This is GUARANTEED TO CLOSE IF BUYER FOLLOWS THE SOP  1229202150


Syringes- 331m and 440m 0104210011 Cranberry 45% buyer side start from you 0103212321  Vglove 10m ready stock fob Thailand 0102212233

Ansell micro-touch ready stock 0103211354 100 ct : Wipes in canisters FDA approved OTG 31,200 units 1 truck load  0102211024

China vax  0102211029 Vit care Nitrile powder free and other gloves 1231202229 Powdered latex gloves 1231202215

Cranberry specials. #1 2T and 2.5T cranberries nitrile gloves 30% OTG Can close tonight with A to A and cage with attorney, cage or BCL. #2 180B Cardinal 100% OTG $13.50 all in ICPO and LOA BCL/ MT buyer only (TF) I CAN GET THESE IMMEDIATELY! CAGE CODE TYPES: -White -Ultra White -Black -Ultra Black -Medallion -Onyx -Hercules -Unicorn -Treasury 10 pages SGS available in A2A.  Please have CAGE code holder and CAGE code officer ready!   1. 500B – Cranberry @16.50 all in. 2. 720T Cranberry @16.50 all in.  3. 190T Cardinal@ 12.14 all in  4. 220T Cardinal @ 12.14 all in  5. 50Q Cardinal $12.14   6. 25T R&E to 600Q Cardinal $12.14   7. 25T R&E to 600Q Cranberry $16.50  8. 500T Cranberry $16.50  9. 250T to 4Q Cardinal $12.14   All lots fully vetted and verified by the Department of Justice If the Cage Holder and/or Cage Officer are available now, we can set this up to close immediately. “paperless transaction”.   Step 1 for an ANONYMOUS zoom conference call (no video). Identity of the Cage holder and Cage officer is kept hidden and never revealed.  It’s a simple 5 min phone call where this Treasury Program Gate Keeper asks one supplied and confidential question to the Cage Officer.   If they have the correct type of Cage code, they know of this question and will know the answer.  Once that answer is given, then both sides have immediate validation of each other.   Second and final closing call is scheduled immediately between government closing attorney and Cage holder to execute the transaction today.   We are direct to the seller’s attorney.  Commission; + 10%, half for buyer side, half for sell side. 1228202227

Cardinal small lots 1229202143 Superior 250k otg USA 1229202138



seeking to buy  (asia)  1 x B737F YOM 1991 (ish) 1230200801 Hartalega Paloma 200 nitrile 1230200746 vlcc 1230200101

RF STAURAT 4Ply KN95 Disposable Protective Mask USA 1230200019 COMFORTGUARD AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gowns USA 1230200001

Medical Needles & Syringes 1229202326  Hartalega Paloma 200 nitrile 1229202252 LANDED – Blue Nitrile Medical Gloves – CA 1229202234

 USA OTG~EVOLVE CRANBERRY NITRILE GLOVES OTG READY TO SHIP 1229202148               Flue shot Sanofi Fob London  Price 30,20£  0,10£ included your commission in price 1230202245 SYRINGES FOR VACCINES1231200344

Vaccine Flights 1231200030 COMFORTGUARD AAMI LEVEL 2 ISOLATION GOWNS. 700000UNITS. FOB WARWICK,RI 1230202356


PRICE LIST OF SYRINGES AND NEEDLES / Cranberry 5B 100% otg / Ansell Edge / 1230202317 Nitrile 1230202244 Kimberly Clark 500 Origin 1230202237

 OTG Spray Bottles 1231201139  Cranberry and Cardinal 1231200956 3 channel and 6 channel ECG machine 01032100525 Syringes- 331m and 440m 010421011   Tug for sale  0104210005 RENAULT M210 4×4 water 3.000 ltr – additief/foam 60 ltr brandweer blusvo brandweerwagen 0104210345 2013 BUILT  80 MAN CREW/SECURITY  0104210409

FAUN 6×6 fire truck 00104210513 3,420 DWT OIL/CHEMICAL TANKER (M/T SEA DWELLER) FOR SALE / FLOATING DRY DOCK  0104210402 10 mm French perfumes 100,000 pieces 0104210006

 RFQ C-130 HERACLES AIRPLANE SPARE PARTS 010321200901 DeLonghi Coffee Machines 0103202344  Carlisle Sales 0103212358

 CRANES FOR SALE –  0102210407 Electric Camin 0103210759  Customized & developed vehicles model (RHD/LHD ; Fuel powered and electric) for developing countries market  0102210552

  Non-Self Propelled Caisson Type Floating Dock wanted 0101210614 SEVEN JEANS 1231202341 toys Multimedia and tv Music play 0103212338

 B 737-4F  0103210103 branded power tools. 1231202205 Dress men and women 0103212352  suitcase sets 1231202151 coffe mashine 1231202206 Lot of toys. 1231202219

 GUCCI Clothing & Assessories 1231202258 LR1 OR PANAMAX TANKER T/C REQUEST –FIRM 0102231107 BULK CARRIER V/C INDONESIA-VIETNAM(GEARED) 0103210102

 2017 CIFA K60L 60M Concrete Boom Pump 1231202151 seeking to buy  (asia)  1 x B737F YOM 1991 (ish) 1202200855 Electronics + Furniture 0103202351


FIRM BULK CARRIER TIME CHARTER 0102212351  8,811 DWT GENERAL CARGO SHIP (M/V CRYSTAL SEA)  1230200435 18000MT of Celestine ore from Bandar Abbas to Tianjin 0121200841

 LR1 OR PANAMAX TANKER T/C REQUEST 1230200421   Falcon 900EX 1230200313 5,099 DWT MULTI PRUPOSE SHIP (M/V JIMMY PRINCE) F 1230200300

 JUMBO BAGS floating furniture  1230200253 ROPAX TIME CHARTER 1230200238 2 units 1990 YOM B747-200F  ( Factory Freighter – Nose Loader )  1230200132

Charter needed B757F or B767F 1230200122 Mercedes-Benz Zetros 1833-A4x4 Flatbed with Crane RHD  1230200117 MV ASTRAKHAN 1230200110

Disney & Marvel Watches USA 1230200054

Zippy Sack Puppy & Dino Fleece Twin Size Blanket USA 12302000029 Dual USB 2.1A car charger USA 1229202357 Spot Charter B737-300F/400F 0103210039   Jaguar 1229202223

Tankers VESSELS Open for Venezuela Biz 0103210218  ORAL-B PRODENTAL PHILIPS COLGATE ELECTRIC TB TAKE ALL 2020  1229202202  Special Buy MRE Meal Kits 4 trucks available 1229202201

FIRM BULK CARRIER TIME CHARTER 0203210737  spare parts for Toyota and Lexus cars 1229202155  2011BLT, RORO CARGO PASSENGER SHIP for sale 1231200709

 Heavy equip,  1231200607 1988 B757-200 F Combi 1231200552 MR TANKER TIME CHARTER REQUEST— 1231200549 ELECTRICE STOCK 1231200503

Donnay mens shoes Europe 1231200459 1,050 DWT PRODUCT OIL TANKER (M/T TBN) FOR SALE 1231200312 2 x B 737-300 SF for sale 1231200310

24,159 DWT GENERAL CARGO SHIP (M/V AMIRA MARIAM) FOR SALE 1231200309 3,633 DWT PRODUCT TANKER (GAS PRODIGY) FOR SALE 1231200307 Bonny Crude Oil, TTO, South Africa 1231200036

Scooter Liquidation Deal 1231200017 BLUETOOTH TOWER SPEAKER SET REDUCED 1231200015 MR TANKER TIME CHARTER REQUEST 0102211012  SOLAR TITAN 130 – 11MW Turbine 1231200010

  CAT 3520C 1950KW 50HZ 10000V 2007-10000HOURS 1231200000 J.CREW (with release) LADIES JEANS USA 1230202318 Toys, Housewares, and Ikea Truckload 12301230202241

ARMY Boots 1231200942 Tubolaser – tubular steel radiators ” Made in Italy ” 1231200845 Premium 5oz Pro Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric Ground Cover Heavy Duty Commercial Anti-Weed Gardening Mat 1231202217  heavy duty zip ties  1230202216 Kdgarden Cast Iron Post and Base Kits – 533 Units Brand New 1230202214

  National Brand Sporting Goods Loads 1230202205 B747F-200 1230202155 electric bike 0104210456  

3M 8511 Niosh Particulate Respirator N95 Mask USA 1228200825

OTG POwder Free Nitrile Gloves   in Far East  / Europe. Wanted. 1029201422

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