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Current 3M offers. All prior 3M offers are sold.

3M masks available.  Option One: UK 1860s. 75m -200m remaining is a lot. $4.19 CIF UK ??  Take all. ready to go today. Funds will go into  escrow Paymaster. Option 2; UK 1860s 300M $3.51 ea CIF UK ?? Option 3; 600m  Mexico  or  Canada  100M MOQ 4.49$ CIF   Option 4; 300m  USA or Mexico  or  Canada  Can break lot up 100m+ $4.09 CIF. Procedures follow;  1 Sign NCNDA & Consulting Agreement for consultant fees.  2. Send LOI in 3M format and POF. 3. Send non redacted screen shot of POF. 4. Buyer and Seller attorney speak to vet POF  5. Buyer vets Lots: Proof of Life, Lot Numbers, Bill of Lading, Passwords, Video, etc.6. Both parties satisfied, Buyer escrows funds in third party escrow.  7. Buyer arranges transport, takes possession, final escrow released.  0519201233

Monday & TUESDAY offers;

30 million, 3M 1860s, UK.  Exclusively for NHS approved vendors. 0516200040 3 M N95 1860 UK  200,000,000 in stock, MOQ 100M. Stock ready for shipping. No restrictions. Cif $3.98 Origin Taiwan.  Escrow. First PO and POF take SGS reporting. 0518200628      3M masks for sale. 9501V+ or  9042   0518201430

9m Vertex KU-Band Antenna available used   0515200714

Creation of an Offshore Company in Gibraltar with a Bank Account. 0519202052

Framo Fire  Pump For Sale Unused in Australia. pics available. 0516201048

Jet Fuel (Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade ) A1, D2, JP54, D6, all petroleum products buy and sell. Tank rentals in Netherlands  0518201450

B737-400 Freighter (AC) wanted  YOM: 1993- 1994 Fresh C check(Ready to Fly) Buyers Budget 3.5M To 4M 0519201224  

Monday & TUESDAY offers;

30 million, 3M 1860s, UK.  Exclusively for NHS approved vendors. 0516200040 3 M N95 1860 UK  200,000,000 in stock, MOQ 100M. Stock ready for shipping. No restrictions. Cif $3.98 Origin Taiwan.  Escrow. First PO and POF take SGS reporting. 0518200628      3M masks for sale. 9501V+ or  9042   0518201430 Magic Care 75% Alcohol Wipes- 40ct. 200K.FOB  New York 0518200920 KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 38000pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0518200951 Disposable Level 2 Isolation Gown. One size fit all. 14000pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0518200950 N95 masssk for sale. 10,000 units in Stock Spain 0518201140 15.2 oz (450 ml) Hand Sanitizer! 0518201129 2 Pieces Non Surgical Protective Level 2 Gown. 1.5MM. FOB Utah  0518201055 Disposable Latex Gloves. 580000pcs. FOB Los Angels 0518201053 Level 2 gowns 05198201048 5100 kg Corona Text kit 0518201036 Face Recognition and Temperature Measuring Kiosk 0518201009 Gel Hidroalcoholico 70% 05182011203 Protective medical equipment’s with all Certificates on stock!!!  0519200740 Medical Beds Assistance for Hospital Epidemic Prevention 0519200148 Gloves and Truckloads 0519200101 masks made in Vietnam with CE  0519200000 Stored Face mask 500M-Product name: 3M 1860 N-95-Made in USA-CIF Delivery World Wide -Ready to pick up immediately  0518202300 APRONS UK Europe 0519200936 Nitrile gloves in Amsterdam 0519200943 Social Distance Alarm 2020 0519201005  sneeze guards  0519201207 VGPF 3003 – 4mil Powder Free Exam Gloves USA 0519201037 Antibacterial Wet Wipes Single Use – Europe 0519201034 900k KN95 in UK Europe 0519201033 INFRARED THERMOMETER EUROPE 0519201032 Gloves UK Europe 0519201031 3M work overalls Europe 0519201028  Disposable Masks class II, Hamburg 05119201027 Face Shield USA 0519201026 Tunnel against Covid-19 0519201022 Nitrile Gloves Europe 0519201022 Hand sanitizer available: in USA 0519201017 FOB Bases Nitrile Gloves (HOT Price ) Vietnam 0519201016                                                                                                                                                            For immediate sale in Dubai…. late 2019 Tesler S , brand new , 3 months old. Red/ White interior. 0519201117 need to buy 2/3 unit ATR72-600 passenger version 0519201006 Tank storage facility is available to Buyers & Sellers worldwide for storage services of all kinds of petroleum product and FOB Spot deals. Our storage Terminals are available at the Rotterdam Port in Netherlands, Russian Ports and will transport goods safely to any port worldwide. 0519200924  VOLVO L160 Direct mount bucket available 0519200924 B 747 400F just became available 0518202225 B 757 200F ACMI offered 0518202241 B747-400F for one year acmi  0518202323 B 737/400F 0519200920 We need B777F with AOC 0528202337 1991 Built 40M Crew passenger vessel Open For Sale 0519200612 108 MW Gas fired Power Plant  0518201030 ATR Propeller Brakes for Sale 0518201104 Travel Fly Health Kit 0518200922   Off market B747-200F nose loader YOM 1985 with checks 0518200916 Legacy of 2008 0518201004  87 meters DP2 Platform Supply Vessel for charter, 0518201202 Prefab House 0519200816 2x B747-400F for sale 0519200731 IL76 needed for 1 year acmi. 0519200728 B742F available for ACMI. 0519200727 BONNY LIGHT CRUDE OIL AND LOW POUR FUEL OIL FOR SALE 0519200709 ATR 72-212 – Bulk Freighter Conversion 0519200600 Needed for ACM 0519200534 P/e – General dry cargo ship 10,000 dwt , cargo gear 3 cranes 0519200338 B737-300 YOM 1996 0519200315 P/E BULK CEMENT CARRIER 0519200129 RFQ B737-400 0519200055 B737-400 0519201022  

SUNDAY OFFERS; 5ply nose clip inside of kn95 QANA 2M $0.97/unit; EX-works China.  Thermometers $24.67, Biosafety garments, COVID-19 rapid tests US$8.89/unit. Other supplies. 0517291554 10.5m medical – nitrile gloves ships from Brazil.  boxed 100.  . 143 pallets  5mm.   10$/box  take all. Add your fee.  0517201058 Xtracare 8oz 62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.10000units. FOB Los Angeles 0517200829 Everfresh Antibacterial Wipes-10 Count.  90720packs. FOB Los Angeles 0517200513 Nitrile Powder Free Black Examination Glove. 2Million. FOB Los Angeles Box of 100 Gloves. S-M-L-XL (500K Each Size). 0517200504 3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 1.2M. FOB Los Angeles 0517200503 Non Surgical Isolation PE Gown. 50000pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0517200459 3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 1.6MM. FOB Los Angeles 100masks in Poly Bag. No box. 0517200448 Wish 3.38oz(100ml)  Advanced Tube Hand Sanitizer. 10000units. FOB Los Angeles  0517200425 3ply face-mask – FFP1, CE Europe 0517200425 KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 600K.FOB Los Angeles 0517200401 Wish 2oz  Hand Sanitizer. 240,000 units. FOB Los Angeles 0517200353 Face masks 3ply, valved, gogles, gloves, gowns, capsules for medical evacuation Europe 0517200003 3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 1M.  0517200842                                                                                                                          Framo Fire Pump For Sale 0517200121 B777F available for this China-JFK 0517200058 Client  is looking to lease on ( Full charter basis ) , a Falcon 900 , YOM 2008 0517200042 Request to purchase a 737-400 F , less than 25 years 0517200039 Boeing 767 300ER 0517200021 3.5M/T Year Crude Oil Refinery for sale 0517200020 Need 747-200 or 400 cargo ACMI 0517200011 Hawker 4000 Aircraft 051720006 Boeing 767 300ER 0516202358 off market B747-200F nose loader YOM 1985 0516202354 Looking for surplus parts for a frame 6b GTG 0518200655 Laminated Wooden House 0518200638 need two trips per week from CAN to JFK with an average of 650 cbm 05172332 Sell 27 years old. 1993 737-400F 0517202246 Hot Sale House Model 0518200751