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Monday offers;

3M N95 from Russia.  5% TT down. 0504200749

  KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 200000pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0504200904

Wish 3.38oz(100ml)  Advanced Tube Hand Sanitizer. 10000units. FOB Los Angeles  Ready Stock.  0504200831

FDA test kit 0504200848 VG70 ventilators. 0504200819

Nonwoven Disposable Level 1 Medical Gown. 20250pcs. FOB New Jersey  One size fit  all. 0504200440

Wish 2oz  Hand Sanitizer. 240000units. FOB Los Angeles 0504200842 TAYCO PFF2 RESPIRATOR. 99000pcs. FOB New York 0504200423

Alcohol prep pad 0504200407 Korea test kit 0504200404

KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 120K. FOB Miami 0504200356 3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 2000000pcs(2M). FOB Miami  FDA Certificate. 0504200356

Venus N95 V44+ Respirator. 30000pcs. FOB Los Angeles CE certificate. 0504200348

Alcohol Wipes 50 Count . 12000units. FOB Los Angeles 0504200342

KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 500000pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0504200342

Wish 3.38oz(100ml) 75% Alcohol Advanced Tube Hand Sanitizer Gel. 80000units. FOB Los Angeles  Ready Stock. 0504200324 CORONAVIRUS – SET 0504200236 Gowns turkey 0504200114

Lower cost mask vending machine and Medical infrare thermometer 0504200018

3Ply Disposal Medical Mask. 1074000pcs left . FOB Los Angeles FDA & CE Certificate, Test Report Available. 10pieces per sealed packed. 0504200925

Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Available! 0504201214 1 Gallon Sanitizer Deal 0504201209 Visibly Clean Hand Sanitizer 0504201206

NOISH N95 Mask w/Carbon Filter 0504201142 Toilet Tissue Truckload Available 0504201128

KN95(FFP2) Disposable Face Mask. 200K. FOB Los Angeles  FDA & CE certificate. 0504201111

 40 million of these IIR masks on the floor now UK 0504201020  3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 5000000pcs. FOB New York 0504201020

KN95/ FFP2 masks and 3PLY disposable face masks from warehouse in Germany 0504201010 Testing Kits 0504200949

Green Cardamon and Cloves from India 0504200949

3Ply Disposal Medical Mask. 1074000pcs left . FOB Los Angeles FDA & CE Certificate, Test Report Available. 10pieces per sealed packed. 0504200925  KN95 Disposable Protective Face Mask. 150000pcs. FOB Miami FDA & CE Certificate. 0504201255

Sysco Food Service Grade Powder Free Non-Sterile 0504201300 3-ply Face Mask 0504201008

Disposable CPE isolation Gowns with Sleeve- Level 2. 400050units available. FOB Boston 0504201205

                                                                                                                       B737-300F needed   0504201111 big government and custom support factory in China 0504200348 ACMI – 5,860 USD/BH for B-747-400F 0504200345 Newbuilt 37.5m Landing craft 0504200321 IST-FRA 0504200001 (9) Flexi-Float Sectional Barges 0504201252 1 x 737/400F 1994 in good cond in 7,6 Mil 0504201210 B 737 300F  YOM 1996 for sale 0504201147 29 Units Mitsubishi L200 GLS Highride 4×4 Pick-up – 2019 NEW Directly available 0504201049  


3M products    The factory  is 3M licensed They only produce and sell 3M  *30 years in production *Delivery DHL Can do large orders no issues but after discussing we felt best and easiest is  to book a test say 1-5 MIl to check happy with quality and product   Process is simple : Place order . Pay Escrow  SGS inspection  The point is that they can be sold only to the US frontlines, hospitals and so on. On the fees the total price (1860 N95) is:  $2.97 per Mask.   The end user has to be front line staff , so the buyer flips them on to the hospitals they are generally  buying at $4. Plus.  3M 3ply 0.58$   3M Kn95 8210 , 2.97$   M Ffp2 and ffp3 , 2.13$   0503201157

    3M 9002 Masks 0503200914 3M 1860 Masks  in England now  10M 0503200032

3 M 1810F 0503200515

3M 1860 N95 NOISH Mask on going production (not in the stock) from Poland 3M Factory.  0503200212

KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 4000pcs. FOB Houston Texas $2.99pc. Comes with Folded Flat boxes. 2pcs per bag.  0503200142  CORONAVIRUS – SET 0503200506 KN95 , 4 layers ,500 k pieces  Stock is in Montreal .  0503200038 Great High Performance Nitrile Gloves. 232,000pcs. FOB Miami 0503200923 Disposable Protective Coveralls with Hood – Europe 0503200658 1L Desinfektions gel 0503200646 KN95 out of USA 0503200645 mask direct contract factory 0503200645 1996 Ford E350 Ambulance 0503200558 Covid-19 rapid test / (and antibody)   0503201107 KN95 Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer Available! 0503200540 We need to move a large quantity of PPE from Turkey to Germany 0503200533 KN95 / FFP2 protective mask ITALY 0503200504 3Ply Disposal Mask. 1074000pcs left . FOB Los Angeles  FDA & CE Certificate, Test Report Available. 10pieces per sealed packed.  0503200311  SURGICAL MASKS Premier LEVEL (Cover Mouth/Nose) 3 PLY – 100% CE Approved + CE Certificate – over the ear – 50 per box – available  in LONDON now 0503200232 KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 200000pcs. FOB Los Angeles FDA Certificate. 05032000025 1 LOAD GALLON HAND SANITIZER READY FOR DELIVERY 0503200104 Low cost , simple Mask vending machine. 0503200801 8 oz. 70 % Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray (Made in the USA )  0503200822 uv germicidal lamp ozon lamp 0503200848  IR Thermometers in stock  0503200905  3Ply Disposal ASTM Level1 Medical Mask. 1.2M . FOB Los Angeles  FDA & CE Certificate, Test Report Available. 0503201009  Turkey ventilators  0503201211                                                                                                                                                                   B747-200F 0503200933 Airline need by follow term acmi. 0503200837 offer you B737-800 PAX VER that the seats can be moved o 0503200100 18 Units Iveco Trakker AT720T48TH 6×4 Tractor head – 2020 NEW Directly available Unit FOB port  Holland 0503200628 GOLDHOFER BOEING 767 AIRPLANE TOW TRACTOR 0503200617 RFQ Crj 200 0503200603  cargo a/c request route CAN-LAX-URGENT 0503200455 Charter need 0503201205


FFP2 MASK ITALY OFFER Europe 0502200925 3-Layers Antibacterial Cotton Face Masks 0502201617 Protective overall coverall Europe 0502200800 KN95 from The Netherlands Europe 0502200849 FACE MASK WITH KN95 BENMO CHINA 0502200847 KN95 stock Europe 0502200834 Face Shield Protection – Europe 0502200831 Saniderm hand sanitizer USA 0502200829 700ML (24oz) Hand Sanitizer Available/Ready For Immediate Shipping USA 0502200917 Hand sanitizer gel China 0502200912 KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 200K. FOB Los Angeles Single pack 0502201000 8oz. Hand Sanitizer Truckload — Immediate availability 0502200941 Disinfection Corona Virus Chamber approved by the WHO for sale 0502200938 SANITISER REFILL STATION Vending Machines – Cashless Payment 0502200938 K95 Masks – FDA Approved – 500,000 in Canada 0502201001 KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 85K. FOB Los Angeles 0502201003 KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 120K. FOB Miami 0502201008  KN95(FFP2) Disposable Face Mask. 200K. FOB Los Angeles FDA & CE certificate.0502201026     3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 5000000pcs. FOB Los Angeles 0502201107 Purell hand sanitizer 0502201101 SANITISER REFILL STATION Vending Machines – Cashless Payment 0502201739 KN95 0503201101 N95 MASKS FFP3 0503201101 3Ply Disposal Protective Mask.1M. FOB Los Angeles 0503201018 Hand Sanitizer 1 oz 0503201016 Hand Sanitizer Available! 0503201001 Disinfection Corona Virus Room 0503201601                                                                                                                                                            We have a request for B747F: 0503201103 Wanted wet lease (ACMI) of 1 x B747-400F. 0502201024 Turkey nvestments   0502201740 Seattle Townhouse Property Development For Sale 0503201050 Investors Wanted for Multi-Storey Storage Facility 0503201050 Aerospace/Aircraft Project 0503201050 2020-04-28_CFM56-3 ex AES for Sale and Lease 0503201042 Gold Bullion 0503201601


3M 8210 Particle Masks USA  0501200758  3M Stock 1M IN Nevada, USA 0501200532 Disposable Gowns Europe 0501200739 Washable Face masks Europe 0501200736 Face masks 4ply Europe 0501200720 HOT Stock: Ventilators China & Malaysia 0501200708 Honeywell KN95 face masks Europe 0501200537 Apr: Masks Europe 0501200535 ventilator units available 0501200531 Disposable Aprons (White) Europe 0501200530 Medicated (NON WOVEN FABRIC) Pakistan 0501200528 Fresh production of Hospital Scrub Pakista 0501200515 KN95 mask Italy Europe 0515200513  100% cotton washable mask YOUR LOGO  0515200306 KN95 Disposable Face Mask. 80K. FOB Los Angeles 0501200213 medical supplies, we can  arrange flights 0501200208 KN95 Face Masks USA 0501200158 FFP2(KN95) Disposable Face Mask. 800K. FOB Los Angeles 0501200157 3Ply Disposable Face Mask. 1M. FOB Los Angeles  All FDA Certificates. 0501200153 Sysco Food Service Grade Powder Free Non-Sterile 0501200141  3Ply Disposal Mask. 800K . FOB Los Angeles FDA & CE Certificate, Test Report Available.  0501200135 Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks 0501200117 3Ply Disposal Protective Mask.2M. FOB Los Angeles. 0501200114 KN 95 FFP2 FACE MASK. 550K. FOB Los Angeles 0501200057            FFP2 & FFP3 from Honeywell Safety Masks – Europe 0501200048 New high tech Mask approved by Australia 0501200044 3-Ply Masks * 0501200042 Non invasives ventilator 0501200011 M Surgical gowns Europe 0501200727 edicated Isolation Gown Pakistan 0501200748 ZERO FOG, glasses anti fog Italy Europe 0501200746 UVC Sterilizer box China 0501200745  3ply mask Spain Europe 0501200731 Surgical Gowns (EXW Turkey ) Europe 0501200754   Covd 19 Quick Test Coron Virus Tester New Coronvirus Detection Reagents Covanas Inspection Kits  0501201305 50k KN95 Masks 0501201047 AN124 120 T SVG-JFK 0501201021 Offer Quiclean Gel sanitizer Ethyl alcohol 70% 0501200905  Non-sterile Nitrile Glove 0501200905 KN95 the Netherlands Europe 0501200841 108000: Hand Sanitizer 1 oz 0501200819 8 OZ HAND SANITIZER–100000 UNITS–FOB NJ 0501200819                                                                                                                                                          AN124. 120 T  0501200141 needed asap Cargo:  1500 Dairy Goats in 35 Cages       0501200131 PVG-LHR with B747 0501200131 PVG/TSN …..FRA, German 0501200119  SGT800 / 50 hz 0501200025 ENGINES 0501201059  1975 727-230F for sale as is. 0501200813