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Nigeria Investor wanted. We are Licensed and issued 4E1 Lines as Private Telephone Operator, doing Business in Nigeria. We can carryTraffic out and Terminate traffic to Nigeria. We can Test for Traffic to most part of Africa that we feel is profitable to us. Currently we are testing and set to Terminate to DRC, Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe. We are expecting a prospective Investor to provide us with additional Funds to acquire new equipments such as GSM Gateway to accomondate 2E1 lines for Termination into Nigeria lucrative GSM Market and purchase equipment for WIFI System that we are trying to add to our line of products. Describe the license you hold ANSWER We hold a Private Telephone Operators License (PTO) issued by Nigeria Communication Commission ( NCC ), and Nigeria Telephone Company ( NITEL ) which is the National Telco. _____ What does license allow We carry Traffic to any Country from Nigeria and can Terminate Country from any Country to Nigeria._____ How many years is license valid 5 Years._____ Are you currently operating a business with the license YES._____ Your position in the business Chairman/Owner_____ Do you wish to JV or 100% sell JV._____ If you JV, what do you offer to partner Percentage Interest based on Investments and Partcipation on the operation of the Company._____ What do you expect from partner ANSWER Investment and Equipment and Operational Participation. What is expertise or contribution to the business of the principles We currently Terminate traffic to DRC and Nigeria Mobile.