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NTSL D2 and JP54 CI, Dip and Pay Offers FOB Rotterdam. Limited Allocation 053112c1456

If you have real buyers that are credible, please request an SCO for D2 and JP54. These are spot offers FOB Rotterdam, CI, DIP and Pay Procedures.

These are allocations that are liftable immediately. Buyer gets popping of fuel into tank (takes about 1-2 days depending on quantity) as soon as contract is signed. No seller in its right mind will ever leave 2M MT of D2 in a tank and waiting for buyers. Once oil is in tank it should have being sold already! More info is on our website on SCO.

# 1 thing to do to start the buying process:
Please email Buyer’s Full legal name that will be on ICPO so that I can give you the Title Holder Name to issue ICPO and Supporting Documents as indicated below.

Below is how we work with buyer to close this deal swiftly. Basic Buyer Requirements for The seller:

1. Buyer Can work with seller’s procedures.

2. Buyer able to provide all the documents required:
a. Issue Valid ICPO
b. Issue Company Profile
c. Issue BCL using Seller’s Very Simple Template given on page 2 of SCO
d. Issue a legal NCNDA/IMFPA with commission split (0.25($5.0) to Group 1 – Mandate Group; 0.1875 ($5.0) to Group 2 – Buyer Facilitator Group (Open); 0.1875 ($5.0) to Group 3 – NTSL Group (5 persons); 0.1875 ($5.0) to Group 4 – Intermediary Group1 (5 Persons); 0.1875 ($5.0) to Group 5 – Intermediary Group 2 (5 persons). This is for D2 and similar structure for JP54.

3. logistics – buyer has the logistics ready at Rotterdam – vessel or tank. There is oceanic restrictions as to how much quantity a vessel can carry as JP54 are highly inflammable liquid oil.

4. Buyer has closed some Gas Oil Deals (that can be bank verified) in the last 6 months. This is optional but will be a big plus for buyer.

Commission Split Formula: There is some room to compromise on commission share formula to make it work better for all involved.There may not be the need for Buyer facilitator. However, we NEVER do business with GREEDY PEOPLE!!

Your Choice to Have CC with Seller mandate and/or visit Seller:
Once I get your documents I will book a quick CC for buyer with seller’s mandate. Buyer will also have the opportunity to visit the seller if so wish, after the contract is signed.

Warning: Any buyer found contacting the seller direct without going through the proper channel will be disqualified. There will be no exceptions. This is because we have experienced very bad and shameful behaviors from fake buyers since these offers came on the market.There is a monitoring process now in place to track any buyer abusing the buying process.

Get me the 4 documents ASAP so we move to close deal within few days depending on the speed of buyer. If documents are not together, your application will not be processed.

ORIGIN: Russia
SPECIFICATION: Russian standard specifications
QUANTITY: 2,000,000MT x 12 months for 1 year contract. 2,000,000 MT liftable now.
PRICE: USD$850/USD$840 per MT, Fixed
ORIGIN: Russia
SPECIFICATION: Russian standard specifications
QUANTITY: Up to 5,000,000 bbls x 12 months for 1 year contract. 2,000,000 bbls liftable now.
PRICE: USD$98/USD$95 bbl, Fixed
Non?Negotiable Seller’s Procedures (D2 and Jp54)
1. ICPO + Company Profile + BCL (from top 50 bank only ( ?
simple seller’s BANK CAPABILITY LETTER template provided with this SCO – see page 2. There is no information on the Bank Comfort
Letter that a real buyer should be sensitive about ? there are no personal information; no bank account information. Check the
template for yourself.)
2. CI
3. POP bank to bank only. On the JP54 & the D?2 offers, when we get in the deal the buyer will get: tank receipts, statement of
availability, licenses to sell, certificate of product and passport of product.
4. DTA
5. PAY
Useful Information for Buyer
The seller/Title Holder can take multiple buyers as allocation remains very large, until sold out.
If we can get your documents (ICPO, CP, BCL and NCNDA/IMFPA) in today the mandate will expedite the Due Diligence on your
application within 24hours as there is a dedicated team doing DD. That means you can have your CI within 2 days depending on the Time
zone if your DD is positive. The seller then starts Popping the fuel. Once you have done the CI you then get a partial POP. After you have
signed the contract, if you want to, you can fly to meet seller for a day or two to enjoy presidential hospitality. You then go to Rotterdam
and do your DIP Test while they are POPPING the Fuel which will take about a day or two. You then make payment and collect fuel.
Buyer Side commission Share formula for MFPA
1/3 to Group 1 ? Mandate Group (Mandate and everyone after NTSL Buyer Consultant to buyer mandate)
1/3 to Group 2 ? NTSL Group (NTSL Team, NTSL Seller Consultant and NTSL Buyer Consultant)
1/3 to Group 3 ? Consulting Group (Everyone after NTSL seller Consultant)
Commission split