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Quescom GSM termination solution or similar wanted 0418181840 Codan, 5740 C-Band 40W SSPA or similar wanted . 0430180849 Alcatel 9400 UX/LX IDUs needed 0429180328 Sinclair filters and Mastr II and Mastr III gear wanted 0423181904 ZTE BPK_d Universal Baseband Processing Board wanted 0427180419 CLEC data bases wanted 0425181430 Mediant 500L MGW-SBC wanted 0424180213 SCP-4000-P3-512 wanted 0419181506 Test equipment wanted 042918c1340 Alcatel 9400 UX/LX IDU unit model number 3CC08920AAAA wanted 042718c0726 iDirect 5100 needed 042218c1441 Litepoint IQVIEW Keysight B5100A Audio Precision PSIA2722 A- weighting filter wanted 042418c0626 NT6X27BB 07 NT6X92EA 02 NT6X70AA 06 NT6X42AA 17 NT6X44EA 04 NT6X28AC 08 NTMX77AA 58 NT6X69LB 12 NT6X40FB 06 NT6X41AC 02 NT2X70AF 47 NT6X41AB 11 wanted 042618c2348 Alcatel 7705 3HE02778AB wanted 042718c0807 TERMINATION IPV4 addresses available. 042318c1545 Audio Precision 2700 Chroma 6013 Chroma 6012 Wanted 042618c0631 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ICASA IECS and IECNS license for sale. With or without telecom license for a Private Telecommunications Network; together with an Individual Electronic Communications Service License. This facilitates the provisioning for a telephone services between our Company and its clients, bypassing the use of the public telecommunication service of our Country. 0426181622 5G license update; The FCC froze any applications for licenses like ours and we are therefore protected. Anybody who needs our spectrum will have to rely on us by purchase or joint venture. It is getting good. Looking for $100M partner. 0419181625 PHONES Grandstream GXP2160 Meridian M7310 M7308 T7316E Phones Conferencing Unit Nortel BCM400 Mitel 5330e MIVoice UC360 Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit Mitel 5340e VoIP phones most come with factory attached Bluetooth headset AT&T Synapse SB67020 1x AT&T Synapse SB67030 horeTel Shoregear SG-50 SG-T1K and SG-T1 Voice Switches Polycom VXX 301 Polycom VVX 400 VVX 300 IP 5000 IP 6000 Avaya E129 Sip Deskphones Grandstream GXP2200 and Grandstream GXP1450 for sale used. 041918c0616 COMMODITIES Tanker Take Over (TTO) – D6 Virgin Fuel Oil CLEC data bases wanted 0425181430 Mazut M100, D2, D6, REBCO, JP54 allocation for sale available. 042718c0804