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Going global is the only way to impact the world! Connect with collaborators/joint venture partners who will push your products beyond boundaries. Details at or reply to this email.  0919299506

SAT, SUN, MON OFFERS;  Field Disinfection Electric  Vehicle 0919200852  VGloves, Superieur, Skymed    Gloves per box: 100 each   Quantity on Spot: 10 million Boxes 091920532


72 ct Disinfectant Wipes EPA registered RETAIL READY 0919200732 Closeouts : 4 Mil 3 ply masks @ $0.07 ea take all fob CA USA 0919200824

New Land Rover Defender 110 Armoured “Police Edition” – LHD 0919200852 New Best Brand Offer – Cranberry Evolve – 300 Gloves in a Box – Nitrile Powder Free Glove 0919200905

Portable CPAP Cleaner 0919200939 Cranberry Black Cage Deal & others 0919202239 5B

Cardinal gloves. 0920200948   Cranberry OTG LA 0921200753

Vina gloves. 1 Mio Nitrile gloves available Netherlands. KN95 Face Mask w/ Certifications USA. Milliken Medical Grade Reusable Masks Virginia .  5B Cardinal gloves.  700,000 Face-shields USA. 4X4 armored patrol vehicle. B747-400 by ACMI. LPG Tanker, abt 2000 MT 1997blt for sale. LPG Tanker, abt 2000 MT 1997blt for sale. Milka® Choco-Hazelnut Spread. Milka® Choco-Hazelnut Spread.  MR Tanker. Caterpillar XQ2000. NEW 54MW Power Plant for Sale. WA150-3-64280. 5 (five) UNUSED FT-8 Mobile PAC Gas turbine 30 MW @ ISO, 50/60h.  4 sets of MWM TCG2020V20 ( 1983kw 50hz) 0 hours gas generator sets for sale.Tier 1 brand solar panel & inverter. Squeezkins toys from Moose.  Lifetride Womens Hash Shoes.  Workwear Gloves Europe. Amen Jewelry Collection – Made in Italy. Engine supplier. TOMS Men Shoes on SALE. TOP GLOVES.      0921201035

Bitcoin Buyer Looks For Seller Face to Face in Hongkong – B2B Amount: 40K BTC – max. 400K BTC Discount: -6 % gross / -3 % net Commission: 1 % sell side, 1 % buy side and 1 % facilitator group  Buyer´s expected transaction procedure – It´s non-negotiable *TTM at HSBC in Hongkong *Buyers purchases 1 BTC from Seller to ensure wallet is in their control and has sufficient BTC. *After success then they open Cashier’s Order for 2000-5000 BTC daily.   0919200045

NEW 54MW Power Plant for Sale 09200605  F40 sets of Never used CAT DIESEL ENGINE( Year 2014) C6.6 ACERT-IOPU 168KW& C7-ACERT-IPSJ 224KW 0919200232

F40 sets of Never used CAT DIESEL ENGINE( Year 2014) C6.6 ACERT-IOPU 168KW& C7-ACERT-IPSJ 224KW 0919200232 Stocklot Item GS20200917 30000pcs of LED glass candle 0919200023

Great opportunity for zoo gift shop to make some good money 0918202334 IRON ORE 63% SALE – PHILIPPINE ORIGIN 0918202323 A330-200 for sale 0918202327

Mitsubishi gas engines 4 units 0918202301 Dutch Maritime Heritage Coaster for sale 0919200749  Looking for b747 400 Cargo flights   0919200721  RFQ Aircraft Required : 747- 400 F ACMI 0919200907 1 Unit Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VX Executive 4×4 SUV – NEW 0919201033 1 Unit Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79L 4×4 Fire engine – NEW 0919201046

1 Unit Demag AC 100-4 All Terrain 100T 8×4 Demag Crane 59.4 mtr – NEW 0919201053 2 Units Toyota 8FDF25 4×2 Toyota Forklift – 2019 NEW 0919201105

looking for oil tanker of dwt 10000 for starting between Iran and UAE for TC 0919201102 Volkswagen Crafter 50 2.0 TDI 0919201113

 NEW 54MW Power Plant for Sale 0920200557 LR TANKER OPEN FOR VOYAGE T/C VENEZUELA 0920201640

108 ton Bollard Pull Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) available for charter in WAF 0912200752 Ladies Apparel ALL NEW 0921200930

available for ACMI 2 x B747-400F 0921200940  Boeing 747-281F 0921200944 Four-point Anchoring System for Marine Barge 0921201113

F16 FALCON / MIRAGEF1 0921201107  Houseware Load 0920211106  Sturm Aircraft 0921291041 3XN737-800 2009 for sale 0921201153   Champion Active Wear 0921201423

Swiss Au for sale attachment 0920201338      BTC For sale. 0920200603   0919201147   50M from Barclay’s London MTN for sale    0920201129

3Z alignment toolfor sale used   0920201331      

JP 54 for sale.  Rotterdam. CI DIP AND PAY FOB   1. Buyer issues ICPO along with their Company Profile including company certificate copy    2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice, Buyer signs and returns to Seller  and seller issue PPOP within 24hours.   i). Commitment to Supply  ii). Certificate of Analysis Report (Product Passport).  0919201147   iii). Tax Payer of the Company iv). Company Certificate copy   iv). ICC Warning Letter  v). Reserved stock declaration   3. Buyer’s immediately response for the Fuel Transfer System Services (FTSS) to obtain the (ISPS CODE) within 24 to 72 hours Buyer conduct the Dip Test in seller tank and Fuel Transfer System Services (FTSS) perform in pumping the fuel in buyer tank or vessels and after the Buyer rendered the cost and Seller failed the Buyer have the right to report Seller to the ICC/FBI/INTERPOL etc as a foreign Buyer‘s.  4. Seller issues Full Set Of Proof Of Product Original copy in Buyer name Confirm and seal by ICC Chamber and Seller Bank and Fresh SGS.    5. Upon successful Dip Test buyer load product in their tank or vessel, Buyer makes payment Via MT103 for the total product injected after minus the FTSS cost rendered by Buyer and balance payment must done by Express via TT/MT103 within 3hours and submit the bank payment confirmation slip to our authorize department/ Personal.  6. If Buyer Failed to make the payment of the goods after the product in the Buyer’s tank or vessel Seller will take legal action in reporting to e.g., ICC/FSB/FBI,INTERPOL etc will drag such a buyer to the court of law and penalty of 1.5% of the total cost product will pay by Buyer to the Seller after the Buyer paid for the full cost of the product.  7. Seller pay intermediaries involved in NCND/IMFPA within 6hours after receipt and confirmation of the product payment from buyer bank  8. Upon satisfaction by Buyer, both Buyer and Seller sign contract for month delivery with rolls and extension with payment term by IRDLC vs. 2% P.B.  Price for jet fuel: $28/26 per barrel 0919201147