Telecom Equipment Needed

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for sale small emoney institute in Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic. company + license for small emoney institute   0503191839

AT&T Uninstalled 4G Cellular Tower, sites Decommissioned by AT&T, ZTE manufacture,  050319c1639

MCL MT4000 750W Full KU-Band TWTA less than 1 hour usage. Andrew 7.3 M 4-Port Earth Station Antenna

MCL VZU6994AD 400W Ku TWTA, MCL 400W Ku-TWTA/BUC, Vertex 7134 Antenna Controller, Vertex TRK-14 Beacon Receiver for sale used  050319c1639

CommScope HBXX-6517DS-A2M 1710-2180 MHz Quad Port Antenna w/ AISG Actuator x 30 for sale    0501190416

Energy/Oil Company in USA searching for partner to be coordinator in America, Europe and Asia as salesman between us and buyer. 050119c0620

3.8 M prodelin  C -band antenna refurb and which we recently decommissioned from a site. We also have 125 W sspa BUC for sale.      0426191016

idirect x5 modem refurbs x 2.  tested and working  properly. For sale   0426191008

Manganese for sale    042819c0817  042519c1643

iDEN network simulator/emulator wanted 0423191749 

Bitumen For sale    042419c1511

Manganese and Chrome ore wanted. 041019c0917

Iron ore from Australia or South Africa wanted  041019c0917

Iron Ore for sale, South African exporting company.   042219c2331

Venezuela Central Bank authority. How much and where do they want it to go what currency.   042519c1005

Au wanted;  042419c2256    042419c2326

Au in Europe wanted 042019c0452

.75 cm to 1.6 Meter Ku-Band Flyaway antennas for sale   042519c0602

Sim card Roaming for sale from Georgia with Georgia number +995 we have free incoming call without topup credit in sim card minimum order 1000/5000 pcs in bulk order from 10.000 to 50.000 pcs we can give you discount. unlimited voice and sms and data for +100 country in worldwide you have package free incoming call in all country in worldwide also you have unlimited voice and sms and data per month for +100 country we can put also your company logo in sim card and platform and give you % discount from credit airtime minimum order sim card with company logo 10,000 sim card also we can integrate your debitcard Mastercard and mobile payment in telecom network MVNOs in your brand sim card roaming platform .  042219c2149

Ericsson DUS5216  42 Qty Ericsson DUS4101  73 Qty for sale used     042319c0221

rectifier 48v x 100 wanted 0419190613

i-encs license and co for sale. 0416190704

Sat used Equipment for sale 042419c0806

Powerwave mca9129-90 or mca9129-60 wanted 041719c1008

C-Band SSPA BUCs for sale used 042419c0758

Siemens EWSD Class 5 Switch installed in 2000-2001. Revision 16. Operational and just decommissioned. 16 LTG, 2-17. Five DIU per LTG (3 DIU A or B cards per LTG). Four T1 circuits configured for DLU (96 DS0). Redundant hard drives. Magnetic Tape backup drives. Spares Modules purchased and on shelves, spare inventory . Radpad and modems for billing. Adtran TSU/DSU 56k to T1 for two SS7 links. Monitor and alarm panels. Two Windows NT terminal interface with X25 modems. GPS timing source 00206191938

antennas wanted  739-495 739-496 739-622 (AP13-880/065/XP) 741-326 741-327    0408191923

MARCONI needed:  1HAT61123ABY 1HAT60730ANS 1HAT61123ADJ.  also ADVA board p/n. ADVA WCM #9 0063304709    0405190846

iDirect X5 modem wanted   040319c0923

Urgent Sales JP54. Port: CIF Europort Rotterdam, Terminal: Odfjell Netherlands B.V. quantity of 1,000,000 BBL available. Buyer commitment SBLC    040319c1746

HK Au available.  Minimum Lift, 200 MT.     040319c1240

Comtech CMD760 or MDM6000 wanted 0402190504

Telco wanted.  client base (asset purchase) or entire corporation (stock purchase.)  0402190640

Iron ore wanted 040319c0323 033119c0726

LINKSPRINTER 100 PART # 4401131 NEW IN RETAIL BOX for sale    040119c1331

Diamond buyers in the US and a Buyer with boots on the ground in Sierra Leone that can meet in Freetown.   032819c1835

3.8m antenna, Hughes HX hub, C band SSPA for sale used   032819c1448

ICASA IECS and IECNS license wanted 0329190520

Portable Water Chiller CW 5000, CW 5200, 1000W, 1500W or other for CO2 Laser for sale unused. 032819c0437

Telica switch  spares wanted.  0319191126

Seasoned MTNs wanted   032519c2324  032819c1944  032919c1347

Seller of JP54 or Jet A1 wanted    032619c0826

RF Industries P2RFC-2422-39 4.3/10Male to 4.3/10 Female TFT402LF low PIM 39 inches(3.25 Feet) jumper. X 400. NEW.  0322191118

Ericsson ROJ1192106/74 – 33 units and ROJ1192106/75 – 15 units for sale   0319190702

investor  wanted for working Nepal Mobile Telco   0316191303

Direct to the following commodity sellers;    1) Two of biggest coconut product manufacturers in Philippine (out of 7 top rankers). Their products are:        Desiccated coconut: Granulated (full fat 65% minimum) & Special Cuts.        Toasted coconut, Sweetened coconut, coconut Sugar, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, Coconut Flour. 

   2) Silca mine owner & exporter in Philippines;     3) Nickel latrite mine owner & exporter in Philippines;    4) Manganese mine owner in Thailand. All of them are selling and exporting their products for decade. mine owners selling other ore.  032219c1302

BG/ SBLC for Lease and for sale. Direct mandate to a top provider of BG/ SBLC for Lease and sale. Prices are 5+2 and 30+2 respectively. Issuance by top AA rated Banks in Europe/USA. 031519c1842

BG/SBLC monetization available. 031519c1842

AU for sale. FOB Hong Kong. 12.5 Kg/Bar 300MT with rolls and extensions Internationally Acceptable Hallmark. 999.5/1000 fineness. Net to Buyer, 10% based on Second Fixing LBMA. Commission: 1.5% for Seller’s side, paid from Seller’s Account (closed).1.5% for Buyer’s side, paid from Seller’s Account.. First lift : 50MTs Subsequent lifts : To be mutual agreed. USD/EURO/HKD/CNY. Buyer shall pay Seller by MT103/202 or CASH TRANSFER to seller’s   account       031819c1752

64.5% IRON ORE available in India and in Mexico. Up to 200,000MT/month.  2% PB from seller. Sample, SCO and analysis available. 031519c0352    032019c0221

3.8m antenna, Hughes HX hub, C band SSPA in the 100 watt range. 

wanted   0315191310

Deutsche or other seasoned MTNs wanted    031419c1741

Two telecoms in Eastern Europe for sale. Fixed landline, each company up to 500 users. Fixed land line digital central Iskra with more than 2000 channel. 500 number active. Company in 2 location in Albania with complete platform and digital central landline.  0314190055

buyers looking for diamonds 031819c1817

Casa Systems C100G CCAP for sale.   1x  28-slot chassis 2x  US16X8   2x   SMM300G 2x  DS8X96 1x  US IO 2x  LC Switch 2x SMM Switch 1x QAM IO used     031219c1505

Sun Microsystems Netra X4250 2x 2.13GHz, 64Gb memory, 4x 146Gb HDD, RAID, Quad NIC, AC power.  Oracle Netra T4-2 2x 2.85GHz *-core, 128Gb memory, 2x 600Gb HDD, DC power. Oracle Netra T4-1 2.85 4-core 64Gb memory, 2x 300Gb HDD, Oracle Netra T4-1 2.85Ghz 8-core memory, 2x 600Gb HDD.  For sale used.     031219c1532

Sun Microsystems Sparc 20, Ultra 10, Sun Blade 1500, Oracle T5-1B, T5-2, T5-4, T5-8 wanted       031219c1538

CAT 3516C 2500kW Standby Diesel Generators x 14 for sale used.     031219c1101

non-recourse Loan and funding at a low Interest Rate of 2% both long term and short term.031719c0114

ICASA IECS and IECNS license wanted 0313190345

12 x Siemens ADSL card, S50010-M1424-B101, for sale used  031419c0958

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Brand Name Generators for sale in retail box.   1. 62 X All-Power America APG3009 6000w 13 HP Generator    (UPC 0852055001439)  2. 89 X APG3001, 3500 Watt, Gas   (UPC 852055001279)     0831190333

caterpillar c18 Gen set wanted . 0830190417

MAN 2500 KVA Gensets 50 hz for sale used. 1500 rpm diesel Stanford Alternators 4 units complete with Synchronising Panels to create 10000 kva  Less than 100 hours  Year 2002   0831190333

Topaz TF-LBK464-HS x 40, for sale used   0829191236

12mw ( 50hz) x 3 sets MAN THM 1304-12 gas turbine X3  for sale unused. 0828192159

DMV960A-4T1 x 30 for sale used. 0829190513

Ericsson Radios 161 6XX-X for sale 0828192005

Gold & Diamonds for sale from Africa. 0830191001

Coal for sale  0827192020

Cummins QSK 60 x 20 Sets Used for sale  0827190926

UIC Credit card readers new in box. Cavium Networks CN-3860-500BG1521-NSP-W-G Network processor CPU. Cisco CP-7900 series phones for sale. 0829191017

I am direct to a coal buyer. 100,000 MT then contract after first shipment. RB2 and RB3.  CIF  Indian port  0923191446

7.7 MW Wartsila (2007), W18V32 HFO fired Generator Set for sale   0826190655

CISCO Meraki  MR33- HW  Unused for sale. 0821191000

64.5% Iron Ore, Hematite, $76/MT CIF. DLC. For sale 0820191411

63 Megawatt Energy Plant for sale. 0824191027

Ultra-Fine Copper Powder 1.000kg, Nickel Wire 0,025 for sale 0820191022

2xGE 7EA Gas Turbine Package and 1xDeltak HRSG-Boiler ,  Gas-engine NIIGATA 8L22AG 1465kW 1000rpm 50hz 6600V, Gas-Turbine SIEMENS SGT-100-IS 4660kw 1800rpm 60hz Gas-turbine for sale used. 0820190224

Caterpillar, Komatzu and other Heavy Gear for sale used.    0826191235

Seasoned MTNs wanted  0819191632

7.7 MW Wartsila (2007), W18V32 HFO fired Generator Set, GE: 6B TURBINES ×3 used for sale   0819190217

200MW GE frame 6A CCPP for sale used   0819190111

25 MW USED CATERPILLAR G3520C/E  wanted 0819190151

Gas Engine Generator Set/s for sale used, 6.2kw, 8.7KW x 2, 1000kw x 3, & 3.3 MW. 0818190831

Solar Titan 130  50 Hz used for sale. 0817190057

260 MW Power Plant – 50 hZ, in Europe, for sale used. 500 test hours. Was back-up for nuclear power station while servicing. 0816190745

Cisco Desk Phones 8841 x 300 for sale used  0823191520

Diesel Generator 1500S for sale used  0816190015

Rolls Royce AVON 1535-161/18 dual fuel turbine core engines x 2 for sale.   0815190606

PPC EX6 Plus Connectors for sale 0820191534

Zims and Iraqi Dinars for sale in Zurich. 0814191920

Earth Station wanted to buy or lease. 0813191949

Au mining company in Burkina Faso as exclusive Agent to sell their monthly production in Switzerland. Looking for regular, long term clients. 0814190621

3 x Brand New PW Power Systems – Model FT8 – 30MW – Mobile Pac Units for sale. 0814191122

AirHarmony 4200 wanted   0813191714

Solar T130 x 50Hz. For sale NEW. These are two separate prices. 13.5 MUSD is for the two that have been constructed, but not run. These are 7 million USD per unit. The other is still in packed situation ready for shipping. Price 8.7 Mil USD. 2 x Constructed Units. 7 M Per Unit. 2 x Units 13.5 MUSD. 1 x Packed Unit. 8.7 Mil USD Three Units In Total. 0813190614

200kW Biogas Cogeneration Farm Application for sale   0813191635

VSAT operation wanted. 0813191201

Oil products wanted   0813190517

High Pressure Underground Aluminium Cable, 200K Meters for sale     0812191138

C9300 for sale.    0814192305

CISCO 15454-CE-MR-10 for sale used new in box. 0815192130

Calix 100-03880 VDSL2-48C. Cisco NCS2K-100G-CK-C.  Ericsson KRC118159/1. Wanted 0815192126

AirSpan equipment wanted    0808191159

Nickle Wire available 0808190801

Diesel Generators for sale used. 600v 150kw., 600kw, 880kw, 2MW, used marine engines. High pressure (300 bar) air compressors.  0806191303

Siemens S30050-Q6101 M:DCCG-X Cards  X 20 for sale unused. 0806191252

Now you can lease a genuine bank instrument issued by top rated banks. This credit enhancement service is available for qualified clients and available through the Merchant Banks in Europe.  0807190436  

anritsu site masters s820d, ideal and beldon and all accessories, adapters cables and cases exfo test sets for sale used.    0808190628

microwave links (RFUs, IDUS, antennas) by Advantech Wireless for sale. 12 used, complete and fully functional. 0804191818

Au wanted Swiss or similar procedure. 0805191945    080719044

Avaya inventory closeout. 0802190926

i-direct evolution xlc-m cards wanted   0802190740

Advantech 200W C-Band BUC x2 for sale used  0731191746

Iron Ore wanted, 65.5%. 160,000 tons/month, R&E, Hematite, SBLC or DLC 100% MT-720FFDLC; CONFIRMED, NON TRANSFERABLE, IRREVOCABLE, ASSIGNED, NON DIVISIBLE AND AT SIGHT Auto Revolving Confirmed (RWA) or similar. Sample analysis needed. SGC certified, 2% PB. Physical size requirements. 0723191522

registered mandate of a refinery with Russian D2, JP54,Mazut M100, REBCO, LNG/LPG, BITUMEN, CST-180, VIRGIN BASE OIL, UREA, DAP, NKP FERTILIZERS, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, SULPHUR, more 0730191350

55, 62 & 65.5% Iron Ore for sale in India. 0725191618

Chili Iron Ore, Copper Cathode for sale 0726190957

If Au Seller takes gold dust or bars to our Refinery in Bohemia, NY or Dallas, TX , we will pay after Assay.  0726192248

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Cement & Clinker for Sale   0917190240

MTN seller. 0913191229

MTN Seasoned or Fresh – , fully cash-backed wanted. 0914190059   0916191727

10 new x MWMTCG2032V16 generators. 75x Agco (Sisu, Valtra) DT 44 Diesel engines for sale  0916190129

12, ITT Power supplies PN: 626561-000, 36, Telstrat cards, 3, radiodetection RD400, 3 NEC Univerge neax 2400 IPX Switches. for sale used    0915191955

Dantherm RBS 5000 wanted   0913191249

Caterpillar 9CM25 HFO Generator, Wartsila 9L20 Marine Generators, 2 x 9L20 1665kw driving Marelli Alternators 3000 kva @ 60Hz  @ 900 rpm 0913190006

NEW Solar Titan 130 x 5 for sale used   0913190131

Au available 0911190842

GTG Solar T130 @ 60Hz. Wanted x 3 0912190658

Diesel generator for sale used 2015, 6600v, 50Hz, S16R-PTA, LX-M49YL-4 x 2. 0911190918

1600 KW Caterpillar XQ2000 Generator for sale x 20. Used. 0911192341

GE TM 2500 gas turbine gen sets x 6 for sale used    0909192303

 2 X SGT 300 Siemens Gas Turbines NEW for sale. 0911190319

Au wanted CIF USA   09112190035

Au wanted CIF IN , DUBAI, AND INDIA   0911191128

Wartsila 7290kw(60hz) W18V32 Diesel gensets x 10 for sale used. 0910190927

Anritsu MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer for sale.  0909191524

Seasoned MTNs  available. 0909190910

Emergency Lighting System used, 2 X SGT 300 Siemens Gas Turbines NEW .  for sale  0909190659

V50017-U741-K500 Coriant wanted   0911190957

CAT 3516B marine gensets x 5 for sale used  0908190413

2008 Trailer Mounted Onsite Nitrogen Generator, 3 GE NG Turbines type 7FA.05 – 85Mw each   0906192338

3 GE NG Turbines type 7FA.05 – 85Mw for sale unused. 0907190804

81MW Gas Turbine Power Plant(GE,50HZ,2011) unused 0907190806

Au wanted.     0906191239

3 Kaleus ipa-1900a pim testers used for sale 0905191947

Subsea Cable, CATERPILLAR 3516B generators, Gas-Turbine SIEMENS SGT-100-IS 4660kw 1800rpm,  for sale  0906190818

Mercedes G B6 armored, Siemens SGT 400, Power Barge 45 MW for sale used    0905190217

All-Power America APG3009 6,000 Watt 13 HP Generator x 42 for sale unused. 0904190151

81MW GE PG6111 gas turbine generator for sale   0904191335

Tracstar Systems AVL 1278 Fly-n-Drive Antenna for sale used   0906191157

20x Natural Gas Cummins Power Modules. self-contained in two 20′ Containers, complete systems and paralleling controls.  Dual frequency 50/60 HZ 0916190119

HK Au wanted. 0902190903

12.9 MW SGT 400 Dual Fuel DLE Generators x 5 –50 Hz., BRAND NEW 2017 (Cancelled Project) for sale 0902190320

20 Cummins natural gas containerized gen sets, dual frequency 50/60 HZ switchable,  for sale used 0902192228

1st Unit-Giken Sheet Piler-SA100- Japan for sale used. 0903190400  

MCL MT4000 500 Watt DBS-Band TWT Amplifier,  for sale used    0829191300

Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN available for lease  0902190723

Wolf communication trailer for sale used. It is entirely self sufficient complete with a large diesel generator and two 400 watt TWTAs.08301915327

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Chrome ore for sale. 0926190844

Tower co in Nigeria for sale . Range  $45m to $60m  0926190844

Siemens SGT 400 for sale used. 3 Generators 12.9Mw – 2016   0927191208

Copper Ore wanted  0923191127

Caterpillar Generators , NEW SURPLUS 3512B OPEN SETS  for sale.  0926191004

Late Model Metal Fabrication Facility for sale 0925191522

Siemens SGT 400 x 5 for sale used   0926190250

Air Craft Needed: B737-400F or B737-300F or similar      0924191653

2500kW Diesel Geneset 2 units(MTU), Siemens SGT 400 x 5 used for sale  0924190828

Earth station wanted. 0922190952

Simulsat 5 C/Ku is the world’s only antenna that can simultaneously receive signals from up to 35 satellites within a 70° view arc, with equal performance on each satellite for sale unused. 0926190732

SMT and Electronic Test gear for sale used.    0926191308

Iron Ore wanted. 0919191331

Automotive Grade Urea for sale from Kuwait, India, Egypt, Ukraine or China. Analysis and Private label available. 0920191531

12MW 3P 6.6V 50HZ MAN Gas-Turbine power plant Brand new 3 sets 2013 for sale   0922192318

Brush Turbo 50MW Generator for sale used   0923190611

Urea available; suppliers concentrated in USSR, Odessa, Georgia, Azerbaijan with a competitive price. Also from China and India.  0918191304

Cat XQ1475 Nat gassers  50hz 400 volt. Under 10,000 hours. 2012 Cat dealer maintenance.. for sale used    0922191216

Caterpillar Generators , NEW SURPLUS 3512B OPEN SETS x 10 for sale  9922191111

3.5M Ka-Ku-Band Earth Station Antenna for sale used    0919191355

GE TM 2500 gas turbine Gen sets x 6 used for sale. 0919191142

Bonny Light  Crude Oil (BLCO)  from Nigeria for sale. 9/5 discount.  0926191609

Nigerian Crude for sale. Good discount and commission. If buyer says there is fraud in NNPC BLCO, seller works for Buyer NOT NNPC   0918191618  1635 1702

Au wanted 0923190520

Seasoned MTN needed. 0918192119

Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN direct available. 0920190900

Bitumen coal wanted 0913191054

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We are Receiver..    _ IPIP-IPID  _ DTC _ FX4  _ KTT _ S2S _ Sw?  _ MT103 / 202 and Manuel Download    We are working on these instruments. Other than that we do not work.  We have Receivers in. Receivers accept both IPIP/IPID but, after funds uploaded, Bank Officer will only download if your Sender provide the Original Blue screenshot with Bank LOGOS along with Bank Confirmation Letter.. Any other Screenshot will not be accepted. Receiver can take up to 500B as firt Tranche if your Sender could meet the conditions above.. Accepted ratio is 50/50. we only accept real cash tranfer via SWIFT.COM… No Swiftnet   1001191636

Simple Cycle, Combine Cycle Turbine Packages & Select Parts. Unused. 1001191043

carrier for sale. CLEC with CA and NV numbers. Wireless but not MVNO, can be converted   0930191845

Aluminum ingot wanted, 100,000/month for 2 years  CIF, DLC  09280919

Copper Wire Scrap available from Dubai, India China, Indonesia   0927192318

Iron ore and Manganese ore from Mexico.  SCO and Analysis Report available 0928192254  0927192318

Copper Wire Millberry for sale  0929190929  

GE 6FA Combined cycle plant duel fuel  50Hz for sale used. 0929190018

Cat. Gen. C32 wanted    0929190532

TM2500 mobile units GE TM2500 Plus for sale used  0930190307

T1 F200 Nuera for sale used    0929191116

Mobile SIP wanted    0930191842

10,000 DID numbers in CA and NV. Available   0930191838

Investor wanted. $2 billion oil project in USA. 0928191406

Iron Ore for sale, 50%- 65.5%. 160,000 tons/month, R&E, Hematite or maginite, SBLC or DLC  Sample analysis available. SGC certified, 2% PB. Physical size requirements. Will have FCO within 24 hours if  LOI is submitted as we have 2 mines in Brazil, one in India and 2 in Mexico.   0927191424

Manganese Ore, Iron Ore wanted    0927191424

Au available 0927191424

Copper Wire Scrap available from Dubai, India, China, Indonesia    0927191424

Copper ore available. 0926191144

Seasoned MTNs for sale 0927191424

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Airplane REQUESTS: 1005190756  200 ton of DECLASSIFIED UNASSORTED STEEL SHEETS  1004192315 

2018 JCB 330 Skid Steer    EROPS AC/Heat JCB Engine Quick Coupler 72″ Bucket Solid Flex Tires Hours: 1,224 EXW: AL1004191147 SUMMER FOOTWEAR STOCK. Economic. For sale   1005190811 Air Compressor in retail packaging / Special Buy Retail Frozen Dinners / LINE ITEM – Cheddar Cheese Sauce / Just In- 5 Furniture Truckloads – Onlin  returns / ELIZABETH ARDEN LIFT & FIRM MAKE UP / D-Link DCS-5025L HD Pan Tilt Wireless WiFi Day Night Cloud for sale   1004190233  Man tgs 33 360 tank truck for sale 1004190250  Airbus A330-300 aircraft for sale x 8  used.  1004190553  Landing craft abt 1000MT for sale   1004190440  MSN 26529 737-400F Spec for sale  10040509 Caterpillar  Generators 3304/3306 wanted    1004190036  Airbus A330-300 aircraft for sale , Details & Photo available   1003191644 Gen set. Cat 3680/Leroy Somer LSA 56 for sale used     1003191213  Copper Ore, Copper scrap available. Need LOI.    1003191327  TANK FARM FOR SALE IN africa, 1003192000  GE Frame 6FA combined cycle plant is attached and the plant is priced at $23,500,000.00 USD and is dismantled and packaged for ocean shipping with all engineering for a reinstall   1003191026 Re-Rollable Bloom Top End for sale     1003190157

Andrew 7.3M C-Band Antenna x 4 used for sale  1003191457

Airbus A330-300 aircraft     YOM 2009 up.  We can close the deal 2 / 3 weeks.  Destination indonesia. budget is under $30,000,000 1003190943  GC vessel as per below –  4/5000 DWT   –  Built 80+/OA/OK – budget about 600k wanted    1003190718  34 Meters Crew Boat for sale. Details available. 1003190600  LACOSTE / CLEARANCE CHILDREN’S AND YOUTH SHOES Israel / Office Furniture Load / Assorted Sport Tek Tops And Jeans….Revised USA / Balance of Toys Europe /   1003190423 2012 KOMATSU PC360LC-10 EXCAVATOR / LIEBHERR L580 WHEEL LOADER 2012 LIEBHERR L580 WHEEL LOADER 2012  for sale  used    1003190408 REFINED White Cane Sugar for sale.  1003190254  NEW Airbus A350-900 :    1003190253

TOYOTA LC GXR EXCLUSIVE DIESEL & TOYOTA LC 5.7 VXS AT – 2020 ARRIVAL for sale  1003190250  Disposable hazmat suits for sale. 2.5 million 1002191130  CISCO Meraki MR33-HW  Indoor Access Point: 21,120 pcs  (320 units/pallet)   MOQ: 5000 Pcs.   Brand New, in Master cartons   1001191428

Au available at London, Swiss. The SKR current owner will not travelling to UK or Switzerland for the ownership changing but only in Thailand where the owner is living. TTM and signing the SPA will be taking place only in Thailand. Attached I provide copies of SKR to your buyer for checking the availability of the gold with HSBC in UH and UBS in Switzerland. LOI needed to proceed made out to Fivenson LLC  1002190456

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PRICE : 895,000 USD FOR ALL UNIT   1005190652 MV SHAMS available.  BLT 01.01.1997 Jinling, Nanjing DESIGN Jinling 380 Flag Sierra Leone    Class Maritime. Lloyd.  1005190552  6000BPD Modular Refinery  New  for sale    1005190318 KHONGBOON Luxury SWIMWEAR Offer Thailand / Specials on Mini Fridges, Housewares, Baby Goods, and Sunglasses! / Special Buy Pop Top Spaghetti in Meat Sauce 7.5 oz cans / Offer Holiday Turkey.    1005190233 airbus 321. Yom 2010.  Wanted Turkey buyer (NOT FOR SYRIA) urgently need an airbus 321 Yom 2010.  Budget is around 22M…       1005190150

Major US DEPARTMENT STORE OVERSTOCK   – Handbags, Women’s Active and Coats.   – Cosmetics, Women’s and Men’s Apparel, Textiles, Junior Apparel, Furniture and Rug for sale.    1004190342  Cameron Valves for sale 20 / 30” for sale     1006190918  B737-800 x 3 and 2 x units Dream liner wanted    1006190923 Brush Turbo 50MW  Generator for sale used   1006190850  TRAILING SUCTION HOPPER DREDGER for sale used   1006190818  HMS, manganese chrome ore, sims wanted  1006190107  EXECUTIVE/VIP PRIVATE JET is EMBRAER PHENOM 2013 for sale 1006190512 LUXURY BMW SERIE : X6 – 630D x 10 for sale 1006190022 4WD tires (AT, MT, RT series). For sale. 1006190051

2002 A340 Flyer with time remaining for sale    1006190223 Cigarettes GD UAE  For sale  1005190054 1963 Ferrari 250GTE: Desirable Series III Example with Matching Numbers for sale    1004190017 Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2 Roadster with Matching Numbers. Beautiful 1965    1004192348 Luxury Yacht for sale. Dubai, single owner. Superb  condition, $850,000. Abacus 62, 2010,     MAN 1100 HP  3 Cabins + crew cabin. Max passenger 18. Fuel tank 3200 liters.  Engine hours 750. Beam 5m.   1004191206      Craned small feeder Shams   For sale 1005190615   Steel with air conditioner central available   Used containers.  1005190909 HR STEEL VARIOUS PROFILES available          10042336          2017 KOMATSU WA360-8 WHEEL LOADER / Air Compressor in retail packaging / (10) 2007 48′ Great Dane Dry Vans / 2005 Schwing 32M Pump Truck NEW Hydraulic Pump! For sale  1004190209  Boeing Chinook Helicopter / Vertol Package For Sale 1004190744  copper powder (Cu63 / C65), for sale    1004190908

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supramax ( about 50,000 dwt vessel) wanted  1007190315 VOLVO L30G – 2014 – 4950 hours / Sep offer list. / 2005 Schwing 32M Pump Truck NEW Hydraulic Pump!/   for sale    1007190135 Jute Bags-Offer   1007191244 jack up rig for sale , 1007191059 20 – 2014 Hyundai Reefers Carrier 7500 for sale.  53’ long  X 102” wide.   working and ready.     1007191101

3Z RF Aligner (GPS Antenna Alignment Tool) wanted  1007191050 TBR & PCR tires for sale new. 1006191119  Production Barge  For sale  1007191036  New finished villa project for outdoor furniture /Pierre Cardin – Ladies Watch Set 3 pcs. Europe / KENNETH COLE Reaction Ladies Sandals USA / For Export Only Lee Pants for Men USA / Vodka and liquors Europe / Ladies sleepwear stock USA / Mr. Swim men’s sw for sale    1007190859  Naval scrap for sale and other Sales 1006192305  Caterpillar Generators , NEW SURPLUS 3512B OPEN SETS    1007190127  SECONDARY HDG SOFT COILS – ORIGIN EUROPE for sale   1007190819  jack up rig for sale , 1007190636  34 Meters Crew Boat for sale. 1007190501  Generators PR8500W used   1007190114  6 FA Combined Cycle Plant for sale   1006192350  CATERPILLAR 3516B generators for sale – 2000 KVA Prime for sale    1006192257  2 x New 2015 Rolls Royce Engines for sale 1006192307

OVERSTOCK / EXCESS INVENTORY WANTED  — All Merchandise Needed – – Anything & everything is acceptable, American products/offerings are preferred, though European products are acceptable. METAL SCRAP  wanted–   Any scrap including used rails. WAR ZONE & AMMUNITION SCRAP  wanted-  Seller must be a registered vendor with the Singapore military in order to engage.              1002190356

METAL SCRAP / USED RAIL CIF BANK TO 1,700 mt + 2,500 mt for sale 1005190845 Generators for sale.  All 8 Generators is €22.5 million to you.  1007191017

Siemens SGT 400 – 60hz – 5   for sale used 1005190743

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376 M/T SECONDARY EG COILS – ORIGIN EUROPE. 1008190342   New B787-9 Airplane for sale. $145 MIl per unit. 1007190740     Non-prime HGD/EG – Dual phase coils   1008190328    CRFH coils    1008190325    20 – 2014 Hyundai Reefers Carrier 7500 / (8) 2015 Wabash Dry Vans    1008190019   792 MT of titanium for sale ex-works.   1008190606   copper ore, our buyer is interested to buy up to 50.000 to per month, cif preferred (China)    1008190435  Non-prime Hot rolled coils for sale     1008190341 407 M/T SECONDARY GALVANIZED / AS COILS – ORIGIN EUROPE.    1008190341  CR coils for sale.   1008190339   Mixed Toy 45′ Containers / 13000pcs of stainless steel sports bottle / Lower Price: Kids Clothing – 13K Units – Colorful And Bright / For Sale: USED CLOTHING,SHELF PULLS AND RETURNS In 1,000 Lb Bales – Multiple Truckloads Available / REEBOK YOUTH ZPUMP FU   available.   1008190033  2.400 hp tug – shallow draft – fifi – salvage –  for sale1008190528  2011 Skytack / (8) 2015 Wabash Dry Vans / 2011 JLG 600A Man Lift / 2019 Safetoe New Design S3 Safety Boots /  1008190305   ASD TUGBOAT for sale    1008190218   1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4 for sale.     1007192345   3x B737-800, YoM 2008  for sale  1007190521  40 METERS SECURITY  SURVEILLANCE BOAT Open For T/C Africa    1008190614   SAND COLLETOR AND CARRIER   150TON HITACHI CRANE BARGE   Cement Carrier   Oil Tanker   Tug   TUNA LONG LINER  OIL/CHEMICAL IMO II     FLOATING CRANE DREDGER BARGE   RORO & CARGO SHIP   GENERAL CARGO ship   for 1008191012    1008190306   .   cat marine 3512b  needed x 10.  2: grader 140h  2: 14 ton compactor  1: D8r bulldozer  1: D6r bulldozer   wanted.     1008191059

Caterpillar Excavator, Hitachi Excavators,  Kato Rough Terrain Crane, Komatsu Excavator  for sale used     1008191053

SSH-12, SSH-78, UA-3,  Rectifier Module Emerson R48-2900U,  ZTE EIB1D STM-1 for sale used   1008191513

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BBJ and ACJ aircraft options:   Option 1: We can offer a 2011 ACJ 340-500  This aircraft is completely outfitted as VVIP and is sitting in Bordeaux, ready for delivery immediately and offered for sale at $277 m, this is an outstanding aircraft and a great opportunity to purchase an aircraft worth a lot more, 
Option 2: 3 x A340-500 YOM 2003 and 2004 and can be delivered without seats and ready for conversion to VIP  Purchase price is at $56 m each plus ACJ cabin conversion, this can be anything from $30m to $250m plus Option 3:  2014 brand new ACJ 319 ready for delivery immediately at $151m complete 
I can send specs and photos of this fabulous ACJ 319  Option 4: We can also off an outstanding BBJ 3 YOM 2012 brand new with only delivery hours on it at $197m   Option 5: We can also offer an award winning BBJ YOM 2009 only in services from delivery from BBJ completion centre in 2010 and has been in storage from 2011 to date, this is truly an outstanding BBJ at $152m  Delivery immediately we just need LOI and mandate  1009190007 Hino 700 Concrete Mixer Truck 40units for sale 1009190526  1973 Porsche 911 S Targa with Matching Numbers and 32k Original Miles   1008192328 2010 Built Fast Crew Boat Open For Sale  1009190728 PPGI Coils 1100 Tons   for sale 1009190520    CT 3520 x 30 WANTED  1009190501 2007 Strick Dry Vans for sale   1009190011 Caterpillar Generators , NEW SURPLUS 3512B OPEN SETS for sale     1009190540 747-400F, 1998 for sale   1009190601 Peugeot Pickups (4×4 & 4×2) , Especially For Africa.    1009190750 Women turtle neck pullover / STOCK T-SHIRTS, ETC, F.C. BARCELONA AND OTHERS / Luggage of the Solgaard brand   1009191226 Caterpillar Generators , NEW SURPLUS 3512B OPEN SETS / Cheap Caterpillar 215B Excavator For Sale   009191150   Mercedes-Benz Actros 2035 Ziegler Fire engine    1009191108