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To Search This Page, Press Control + F Keys. Type Item in Search Box. All Equipment Transactions Protected by Escrow-Guard Editor not responsible for content. Chamber of Commerce member since 1967. Complying with 2003 CAN-SPAM ACT & relevant regulations. To subscribe to FREE Telecom Classified Ads, click on this link; ; Address is never shared. To unsubscribe click on this link; . All removal requests are honored. Marketing and Consulting Services Available. Buyers and sellers wait for your offer. Telecom Classified Ads & and Free Telecom Ads are registered trademarks. Copyright; Fivenson Inc. Fivenson Inc does not warrant the accuracy of listings. Listings are from private sellers as well as resellers, worldwide. Ph 231-946-2195, Fx 419-818-0129, Need several Digital Loop Carriers. 1215858a Telect DSX-3 Broadband Module wanted. 1214438p Dialogic AMX81 needed. 1214611p 23GHz Protected OC3 Altium hop two ODU’s and two IDU’s needed. 1216522p Quintum Tenor CMS 960 8/240 *8-port T1/E1 interface needed. 1219108p AS5300 4E1 wanted. 12141005a Cisco 7206VXR wanted. 1215821a P-COM radios wanted 2.4gz 512k radios, 1214556p Prosody boards (PCI, cPCI or ISA). Aculab Prosody PCI 4E1 needed. 12181233p Tellabs Martis DXX STU160 modem. CISCO Router 805 – needed in India. 1214223a We need P-COM Airlink 512 ETSI 2.4 ghz 1217242p I need low cost solution for routing calls from voip to mobile. 1214234a 15454- OC48LR1550 wanted. 1217327a Looking for one hop two complete terminals of DMC Stratex Altium radios 23GHZ freq band. STM-1 or OC3 155Mbps, Protected Hotstandby. consist of two ODU’s and two IDU’s. No antennas are needed. 1216536p I am looking for Cisco 5300 & GSM Channel bank T1 & E1 1219206p 20+ Adit 600 (part number 740-0093) needed. 12171055ac NTGS63AA wanted. 12171247pc NTBW40AA 6 NTBW30AA 6 NTBW50AA NTGS63AA NTBW70AA NEEDED 12171241pc 4 SPME Bays wanted. 12171228pc 4ea 4′ 5.8ghz sp4’s wanted. 12171231pc NTCA06LP NTRX50ND wanted. 12171258pc Surfboard 3100 modems needed. 12171139ac Cisco 3660 (E1-port,6 FXO port). Cisco 2660 (E1 port) Cisco 7200 Module PA-A3-8T1-IMA 1214414pc Pcom needed. PTP 2.4Ghz T1/E1 Radios (P-COM Airlink 128-512 ETSI) ALS-128-03EBE 284 MIXED. PTP 2.4Ghz T1/E1 Radios (P-COM Airlink 128-512 ETSI) ALS-512-03EBE 284 MIXED. PTP T1/E1 (P-COM Airpro) 5.8 Ghz Radio 1214241ac NTBW40AA NTGS18AB NTGY10AA NTGS3592 NTGY60AH NTGS60CA NTGY30BA NTBW50AA $ Needed. 12171116a Metrocell equipment needed. 1217931ac I am looking for Cisco Routers 2600, 3600, 3700 Series with One Wan and Lan modules and at list 2 T1 Modules Capability. 1210446pc 15454-TCC+ cards needed. 12141102ac (2) 15454-DS3-12E (1) 15454- OC48LR1550A (1) 15454-OC192LR1550 Needed. 1217151pc 2n Gateway with changed IMEI, 6 month old, 32 ports, each 4 SIMwanted. 1216252p Nuera Orca GX21, Orca SCC Softswitch and Lucent PathStar Access Server Switch wanted. 1214708pc Lucent HST SDSL routers wanted. 1214424pc NT6X21AC wanted. 1214736pc Cisco 1720 Router with WIC-1DSU-T1 for sale. refurb. Forty units. 1214418pc Netopia 5300-T T1 routers qty 60 most like new. 1214417pc we are in desperate need of 15454-DS3-XM-6 s. 1214423pc NTGS3592 rectifiers needed. 100 pcs. 1216919ac Nortel RF frames TN1719A wanted. 12201140ac NT6X50AB Cards and NT6X50EC Cards wanted 11201240pc NTQE06AB 02 2 NTQE04AA 03 5 NTQE05AA 02 4 NTQE07AA 01 NTQE07AA 01 2 NTLX73BB 02 2 ENI2UWLAAA NTLX82BA 08 1 ENPCNOKAAA wanted. 12201236pc 9.3M C-Band or 13M antenna needed.