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3M 1860 masks needed OTG (preferred) or CIF USA or HK or other. One buyer needs 75B, another buyer 200B another buyer needs 300B, another buyer 300B.                      SM

FRI OFFERS; 500M Cranberry, Cardinal Gloves Miami   1203202216

3 M Cardinal Nitrile Exam Gloves 1204200242

3M crabberry gloves. OTG LA    1204200348 New Surplus SGT 400 50 haz units 1203202210

SYRINGES EU 1203202200 KN95 USA 1203202228


9 ounce hand sanitizer 1204200032

ABUTOL DISINFECTANT SPRAY 19 Oz. AEROSOL – made in France 1204200107

Latex Gloves 1204200112 MONTRASIO PROTECTION FACE MASK TNT 1204200402

Santas Vinyl gloves Europe 1204200545

The World Gloves Vietnam 1204200557

Sanitas Black Nitrile Gloves Europe 1204200602

VinaGlove Antibacterial Nitrile Blue gloves [100 pcs/box] Europe 1204200605


XTRA BALI GEL 48D 2.4L Europe 1204200617

Non Woven Level 2 Isolation Gowns US 1204200657

3ply Disposable Protective Face Mask USA 1204200657

8-oz Hand Sanitizer w/Pump – 2 shapes USA 1204200658

 Inquiry for TC of the VLCC Tanker 1203201819  Ice 1A MPP/RoRo/Palletcarrier for charter 1203201709

5,552 DWT PRODUCT TANKER (M/T SL MOLAVE) FOR SALE 1203202305 737-400f 1991 1203202330

Brand New Target FULL Furniture Truckload 1203202348 New  Military Pant Deal 1203202351 Beauty Pad 1204200049

2 x B757-200F avail for charter.  1204200125 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Passenger Van Limited-RUES53-CDN 1204200138

 Prefab low cost modular house and container house for living and office 1204200318 Prefab low cost modular house and container house for living and office 1204200337

RK450-2–97yr-Japan 1204200428 EXPLORER Men’s 4 Pkt Chino Shorts With Belt 1204200434 17,803 DWT PRODUCT OIL TANKER (M/T TBN 1204200505

9 X LPG OPEN FOR EMPLOYMENT 1204200521  MV Rumba – Geared 650TEU 1204200523

2013 BUILT  80 MAN CREW/SECURITY OPEN FOR SALE 1204200524 Nigerian Marlboro Europe 1204200611  3 X DPP TANKER OPEN FOR EMPLOYMENT 1204200652   

3 BTC sellers follow; 1. with Satoshi + LC MT103/72 conditional. Discount net 4. Seller bank is HSBC Hong Kong. Minimum expected 20.000 BTCs    2. through Prime Trust. From 500 BTCs. at discount net 2.    3. with escrow Rahsid Saif Advocates in Dubai, from 15.000 BTCs, discount net 4.  1204200004

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