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TELLABS FOR SALE 34 SYN-E BTE-2048-M modem card CCU controller card for cluster shelf CXU-A cross connection card CXU-M cross connection card CXU-S cross connection card G.703/2M (IF) trib interface G703 GMH interface card module for trib GMU interface card module for aggregate HDLC-4CH OTE-LP trib interface optical PFU-A power card PFU-B power card RXS-CD shelf cluster node (32 slots) RXS-D shelf double (32 slots) RXS-S shelf single (16 slots) RXS-S8 shelf mid (8 slots) SCU controller card STM-1 (Long Haul) aggregate interface STM-1 (Short Haul) aggregate interface SXU-A cross connection card SXU-B cross connection card SXU-C cross connection card for cluster shelf V24 DCE (IF1) trib interface V24 V35 (M34-To VCM-10T) trib nterface V35 V35 IEC (IF1) trib interface V35 VCM-10T-A interface card module for V35 trib VCM-5T-A interface card module for V35 trib XCG-75 compact card for mid shelf (controller and trib)