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Tellabs to sell used. 4 NGPQAA9JAA LC0001100030500 CCU-210 Controller card for cluster shelf / Martis DXX MA/SLV CU 4 NGPQABKJAA MI0115000000200 BTE 2048 Modem card / Martis DXX E1 INTFC 13 NGPQACDJAA MI0263000000200 34 SYN-E MARTIS DXX E3 ELECL 33 NGMYAA1GAA LX0011100030500 CXU-A Cross connection card / MARTIS DXX CLR SLV XC 2 NGMMK00ERA LX0012100030200 CXU-M Cross connection card / MARTIS DXX CLR SLV XC 8 NGMYAA0GAA LX0013100030200 CXU-S Cross connection card / MARTIS DXX CLR MA XC 738 NGPQABEJAA MI0233000000200 G 703-75 Interface Trib interface G703 / MARTIS DXX E1 INTFC UM 1 LI0311000030210 G 704-RAM Trib interface / MARTIS DXX 456 NGPQABBJAA LI0311000030210 GMH 220 S/Interface Interface card module for trib / MARTIS DXX E1 INTFC UM 37 NGPQAB9JAA LI0631000030210 GMU Interface card module for aggregate / MARTIS DXX STM-1 INTFC 77 NGPQABAJAA MI0401000000200 HDLC 4 CH Trib interface / MARTIS DXX SYS CU 145 NGPQABMJAA MI0505000000200 TE-LP Trib interface optical MARTIS DXX E1 INTFC UM 169 NGPQAA7JAA LP0001100030210 PFU-A Power card / MARTIS DXX 114 NGPQAA8JAA LP0002100030210 PFU-B Power card / MARTIS DXX 4 MI0403000000200 SCC-IF Trib Interface / MARTIS DXX 86 NGPQAFPJAA BC0022100030200 SCU Controller card / MARTIS DXX SLAVE CONT 27 NGMMED0ERA KC2000000030210 Sub Bastidor RSX-Double Shelf double (32 slots) / MARTIS DXX 32 SLOT SH 64 NGMMLF0ERA KD1000000030210 Sub Bastidor RXS-S8 Shelf mid (8 slots) / MARTIS DXX 08 SLOT SH 55 NGMMFE0ERA KC1000000030210 Sub Bastidor Single Shelf single (16 slots) / MARTIS DXX 16 SLOT SH 53 ODH 451 V1.0 101 NGMYAAYGAA LX0021100030200 SXU-A Cross connection card / MARTIS DXX CLR SLV XC 40 NGMYAAZGAA LX0022100030200 SXU-B Cross connection card / MARTIS DXX BAS NODE XC 31 NGMMJ00ERA LX0023100030200 SXU-C Cross connection card for cluster shelf / MARTIS DXX CLR SLV XC 306 NGPQABTJAA MI0801000000200 V24 DCE Trib interface V24 / MAR IS DXX V.24/.28 DA 7 NGPQABVJAA MI0811000000200 V35-IEC Trib interface V35 / MARTIX DXX V.11/.36 DA 8 NGPQABRJAA LI0921000030210 VCM-10 TA Interface card module for V35 trib / MARTIS DXX V.35 DA UM 208 NGPQABSJAA LI0911000030210 VCM-5TA Interface card module for V24 trib / MARTIS DXX V.11/.24 DA 65 NGPQABDJAA LC0031107530200 G703-75 4 CH Compact card for mid shelf (controller and trib) / MARTIS DXX E1 INTFC UM 894 PDF 209 V1.0 135 PDF 202 V3.0 1 NGPQACAJAA MI0271000000200 STM-1 (Short Haul) Aggregate interface / MARTIS DXX STM-1 OLIU 34 PDF 458 V 123454pppc