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TWO CISCO 3700 routers. RAD VMUX2100 Part – 1640020000 Quantity 1 Vmux2100 Gateway Compresses up to 16 full E1/T1 lines (496/384 voice channels) over a single E1/T1, serial or IP link RAD Optimux-XLE1/16 Part 3261120000 Quantity 1 Description – Integrates up to 16 E1 channels with optional Ethernet traffic over a single 34 Mbps link Cisco VCO-IO-E1-16 Quantity – 2 Description- The E1 I/O Module is a specialized backplane card that provides E1 network connection to the ICC. It supports 16 E1 spans. Cisco VCO-IO-T1-16 Quantity – 2 Description- The T1 I/O Module is a specialized backplane card that provides T1 network connection to the ICC. It supports16 T11 spans. Datum Systems PSM 2100 Quantity 2 The PSM-2100 is a variable data rate programmable satellite modem with 70MHz IF. This digital modem is programmable for either BPSK or QPSK operation and can be used in SCPC or TDMA (remote site burst modulator) systems. Cisco Pix 515E-R Part Number Pix 515E-R Quantity 1 Like New Cisco PIX 515E-R Firewall Both Have 433MHz, 32MB RAM, 16MB Flash RAM, 4 FE NICs Cisco 3500 XL 48 port switches 3500 XL Quantity -2 single-rack-unit (RU), stackable 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet switch with 48 10BaseT/100BaseTX ports and two GBIC-based Gigabit Ethernet ports. USED GEAR TO SELL