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USED ERICSSON GEAR TO SELL 3pcs of EDGE dTRU’s 1900MHz, KRC1311004/2 3pcs of CDU-G for RBS2206, BFL119153/1 59pcs of 900MHz TRU’s, KRC13147/15 (can be converted to /16, A5/2) 1pcs of 900MHz A5/2 TRU, KRC13147/16 (can be Converted to /15, A5/1) 1pcs of 1800MHz A5/2 TRU, KRC13148/02 (can be converted to /01, A5/1) 18pcs of 1800MHz A5/1 TRU’s, KRC13147/03 (can be converted to /04, A5/2) >200pcs of 1900MHz A5/1 TRU’s, KRC13149/01(can be converted to /02, A5/2) >100pcs of DXU-21, BOE60214/1 4pcs of RBS2302, A5/1 900MHz, KRC13161/022 (can be converted to /024, A5/2) Some DXU-01 and DXU-11 for RBS2202