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USED FOR SALE. ATA Linksys PAP2T ATA Router 2 ports Linksys SPA 2102 ATA (old 1001 – 2001) Linksys SPA 3000 ATA / PBX Linksys SPA 9000 ATA Linksys SPA 3102 Fax Scanner WiFi Phone UTStarcom UTSTARcom F1000G iFi Phone UTStarcom UTSTARcom F3000 WiFi Phone Sparklan Sparklan WVPR-100 SB DECT Skype phone Linksys CIT200 Siemens Gigaset A140 Siemens Gigaset A150 WLAN Broadband Router Conceptronic C54BRS4 Broadband Router w. Printer Sharing Planet XRT-411 Broadband Router DMZ/Firewall Planet VRT-311S WLAN AP (Indoor) Planet WAP-4033 WLAN Indoor Booster Planet WBT-200 Switch 8 Port Planet FSD-803 Switch 5 Port Planet FSD-503 "HotSpot Antenna Omnidirectional 1000 m" Huber & Suhner SPA 2400/360/7/0/V Point to Point Antenna 1300m Huber & Suhner SPA 2400/75/8/0/V Point to Point Antenna 2300m Huber & Suhner SPA 2400/40/12/0/V Point to Point Antenna 2800m Huber & Suhner SPA 2400/35/14/0/V Antenna roof mount Antenna wall mount 0,6 m cable Outdoor H&S Antennas Planet WL-NM-0.6 5 m cable Outdoor H&S Antennas Hu er & Suhner 10 m cable Outdoor H&S Antennas Huber & Suhner 15 m cable Outdoor H&S Antennas Huber & Suhner Cable Antenna Adapter Huber & Suhner Huber & Suhner NNF-TNC M Antenna Lightning Arrester Planet WL-LTN (N Male 2 N female) WLAN extension cable 0,6m OutDoor AP for 1 Antenna Aphelion 500AG OutDoor AP for 2 Antennas Aphelion 600AGOutDoor AP for 3 Antennas Aphelion 3300AG "UMTS Receiver Antenna System with Roof mount 10 m cable Lightning Fuse Vodophone Piggypack Adapter" UMTS WLAN Router Vodaphone 426632AAAC