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USED FOR SALE ZT5085DC 12U redundant host packet switched platform; includes DC power input panel+ZT6313 3 ZT5524A-1A Dual Pentium III processors 933 MHz, low power, SDRAM DIMM socket supporting up to 1 GB,single slot 6 ZT4807A Rear panel transition board for, ZT 5524 6 ZT4901A I/O mezzanine expansion card 6 ZT7102 IPMI-based chassis management module 5 ZT8101 10/100 24-port Ethernet managed Layer 2/3 switch with 2 Gbps uplinks 6 DM/V2400A Combined Media Board 4 DMN160TEC digital telephony interface boards provide high-density network interfaces 16E1 3 SIU520 SS7 signalling Interface Unit system 2 RIODMX160RJ48M Real I/O module for DMN160TEC 5 TCAPSB502ISUP TCAP Protocol stack for ISUP 2 SR60CPCLINUX 1 RJ48MTORJ45BOB Breakout box for DMN160TEC 3 CBLRJ21XMSISC Cable to be used with RJ48MTORJ45BOB 6 Performance Technology ZT 5085eDC 12U Redundant Host Packet Switched Platform+8xZT6313 3 CPC7301 Intelligent Shelf Manager 6 ZT 5524eA1A Dual processor Single Board Computer 4 ZT 5524eB1A Singel processor Single Board Computer 2 "RTM4808 PICMG 2.16 Rear Panel Transition Board " 4 "ZT 4807e PICMG 2.16 Rear Panel Transition Board " 2 ZT4901e I/O mezzanine expansion card 6 CPC4416 24-Port 10/100 + 2-Port Gb TX Ethernet Switch 6 PT-RTM4416-11635 5-port 10/100 TX + 2 Gb Rear Transition Module 6 Cosystems COPCE1600-V5+RTB 9 COPCE1600-ISDN+RTB 6 AMTELCO H.110 cPCI MC3/Conference Board 5 Fiber cables 5 meters 6 Kallastra KT313-MC 1008-TDM channels, H110 5 Brooktrout NS700 Octal cPCI SS7 Signaling Platform +RTB 2 Cellink Cellinkblade 3 CPCI-H110 Extender board 2 Fore"Marconi" ATM switch ForeRunner 1 Spirent ABACOUS 5000" 4 E1V5 ,1E1SS7" 1