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VCL-GSM-000 /005——–19" Shelf 3U High (Sub-rack) to accommodate 30 GSM Channels with Connectorized Backplane 6U High VCL-GSM-010————-(-) 48VDC Power Supply Card VCL-GSM-030————-Dual Port GSM Interface Card – GSM terminals connect to an E1 interface, 15 Cards (max) per system VCL-GSM ANT———–External Antennas with 2 Meter Connectorized cable VCL-30-01048-150W———-Power Supply (External) AC to DC Converter Portable External Converter Universal AC Input [93VAC-276VAC, 47Hz-63Hz] to DC Output [(-) 48VDC]. I have been using this GSM box in combination with a cisco AS5350 (which i’m also willing to sell. Contact me for further details) to terminate traffic from a carrier to a local GSM network. The GSM box can handle 30 simultaneous GSM calls.