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Want to sell Motorola SC4812T 800 MHz Outdoor BTS. Includes the following: Qty-1 3R-088077032 Sun West Eng. 2-bay Outdoor Cabinet, Qty-3 STLN4022A Fan Unit, Qty-2 STPN4009A Power Supply Card, Qty-1 STPN4009B Power Supply Card, Qty-2 SLN9242EB Alarm Monitor Report Card, Qty-2 STLN4044DD GLI Card, Qty-4 SGLN5332AA MCC24 CD MULTI CHNL, Qty-8 STLF4014DD Broadband Xceiver (BBX2) 800 MHz, Qty-2 STLF4005A MPC 800MHz Power Converter 3-Sector, Qty-1 STLA1000B Hi Stability OS Card, Qty-1 SGLN1145BC Clock Synch Module W/GPS, Qty-1 SGLN4132BC Clock Synch Module, Qty-1 STLF4009B Switch Module 800 MHz, Qty-8 STTF1004A Trunked LPA Module SC4812T (800 MHz), Qty-4 STLN1105A Fan Assembly, Qty-1 9109773V09 Filter Passband 824-849 MHz, Qty- 1 010-0128-0101 Telect DSX1 Front Cross-Connect Panel, Qty-1 HC Power Termination Panel, Qty-1 LVDC19-800B HC Power Low Voltage Disconnect, Qty-1 HC Power Distribution Panel, Qty-1 DMAC19-B HC Power Meter and Alarm Panel, Qty-1 TCP-19B-NAP HC Power Temperature Compensation Panel, Qty-1 3-slot Rectifier Shelf, Qty-3 MSR24-150 24V 150A Rectifier Module, Qty-1 Smoke Alarm, Qty-2 Interior Fluorescent Lights, Qty-2 Door Mounted AC Unit.